500 a month?

What happens if there isn’t 500 going into my account every month? What happens to my money. I was going to use Monzo as purely a saving about but it seems I have to put 500 in every month?
Pls help :pleading_face::pleading_face:

You only need to be concerned about the amount you are putting in if you do a lot of cash withdrawals.

Please read the email. (I’m guessing this post is as a result of the email)

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An email I didn’t actually receive. If it wasn’t for this community I wouldn’t have known about these changes at all

Why aren’t announcements rolled out to all customers at the same time?

I only joined today! I’m just confused about it

Nothing to be confused about read the help pages and the blog post about it, it’s really easy to follow and you’ll be less confused after that

I’ve tried to find information but I can’t find anything

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What’s that supposed to mean?

And the actual blog post here

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I got mine the same day as the blog post have you checked spam just in case it’s sat waiting for you

So if I don’t plan on taking any cash withdrawals from my account I don’t need to put 500 in every month?

That is correct

Thank you
Is there a minimum amount you have to put into the account every month?

There is no minimum you must add to your account. You can leave it alone for months at a time if you like.


No fee up to £250,
3% after that that’s UK cash machines there’s a table on the blog with the info on, and you can put whatever amount in you wish just be aware anything less than the limit of £500 and no direct debits will trigger fees around various actions in the specified table

Just warning you, it’s not a very good savings account, but you don’t need to put any specific amount in per month.

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Oh thank you! (Not really a savings more for ins and outgoings for a cards I make and sell :slight_smile: )

You might want to be careful with that if you’re technically using it as a business account, check the terms and conditions if it’s a bog standard current account you have as I can’t recall if it’s against the terms or not and I’ve not the energy to look now as I really need to go to bed

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Strangely coincidental, I posted the reference to the T&C’s regarding the use of a Personal Account for business use in another thread earlier today;

Monzo has been active on shutting down such instances (well, according to reports on the forum)


Thank you everyone