£5 off Netflix, Spotify or NowTV with Monzo

Just seen this deal posted on HUKD, anyone on here the owner?

I already have Netflix coming out of my joint account so I don’t qualify. :cry:

Urgh I hate new customer deals only cos I always miss out!! :weary:


I only just signed up to netflix, and of course I used my Monzo account. So if this is a new thing it’s annoying (but also really good!)

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Interesting offer,

Not sure what monzo aim to get out of this though… maybe showing off committed spending?

We’re going to see a lot more of these as trials soon.


I wonder if I switch my payment details to a legacy bank and then switch back to Monzo it will work?

I doubt it but please tell me if it does!!

I can’t be bothered. Rock paper scissors? :joy:


Bah! Why isn’t this on my account.

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I just read one of the posts on Hotukdeals and it was pasted from a chat with Monzo that this is fake. Can anyone verify?

As will bring a bad impression of Monzo (people thinking they not upholding deals for a start)

It’s been posted here without staff comment so I assume if there’s an issue they would have said something

Ha…typical I’ve just change my payment options to via Monzo card (I used PayPal previously)…
I take it this will be for just new customers who sign up.

It’s not fake, I can confirm it’s a genuine offer, it isn’t rolled to everyone yet right now though. It’s a test/experiment to see what effect it makes (if any) on growth - if it works we will roll it out to a larger degree.


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