4 Months of plus

Pretty much the point I’m at. On another discussion on here there was talk of needing to line up some regulatory ducks to allow that, rotating offers might just have me give them a few more months to align those ducks. Will probably cancel during the post Christmas calm myself.

Indeed, I had hiped the plus team would get the other tier(s) done and then be reduced rather than disbanded! Sadly it seams it was switched on and the team disbanded.

They may be looking at it from a purely commercial point of view.

If the income from Plus is increasing month on month, there’s no financial imperative to develop anything extra.

If the income is decreasing, there may be no budget.

The Monzo way is often to develop something, then move on.


They really need a team* to work on the offers and ensure that they are refreshed at regular intervals - at least monthly, certainly not longer than four months. I haven’t signed up for Plus, but thought I may reconsider depending on the offers. To hear that there have been no new offers isn’t exactly selling me on the service.

*Even if it’s one person


I’m sure Monzo have processes in place and it’s not as easy as sending an email, but they are making it look a lot harder than it is.

This is untrue :slight_smile: The same team that launched Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium are actively working on both accounts. We have some updates and new offers coming soon (some very soon), which we’ll of course share with you when they’re ready.


The only feedback they’re gonna get from me is that I cancelled over the lack of improvements, whilst watching other banks improve their free offerings quite substantially on a near monthly basis. Meanwhile all we got from Monzo was silence, and a few features made worse.

I cancelled because the silence took away any hope I had of Plus ever seeing the improvements I feel it needed to be value for money. With that said, I do very much miss the features I loved.

Hallelujah! If you had said that at the end of month 3, I’d have hung on and kept faith in you to deliver. :pensive:

We shipped the AMEX integration a month after we launched Plus after it was the most requested feature. We then shipped Monzo Premium with travel and phone insurance and a metal card, all highly requested updates to our paid offering.

Have some faith :wink:


Not exactly on topic of Plus or Premium (so i apologise) but is there any update on Dark Mode @tomdavies

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AMEX is fair, although at the time when it worked with the previous version it didn’t really feel new. I’m not sure it was the most requested feature, judging from this poll, but perhaps it may have been outside of the community.

For me though, I was really hoping to see some progress or updates on the top voted for request from that poll.

I don’t think premium counts though, as it doesn’t really add anything to the £5 plus product.

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Hi Tom,

I am wondering if any progress has been made on automatically moving connected credit card spending into a specified bills pot?

This would get me to subscribe to Plus.


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Good to hear that my fears/suspicions are wrong. Any estimate on when the regulatory ducks will be lined up for virtual cards from pots?


Third me in this. I like the virtual cards, I think they are a neat idea, and I use one for all my subscriptions, and another for one off purchases. But I could live without them.
Then the other features, exports to G Sheets I do like. Do I use it? Absolutely not, but it’s another nice to have.
The blue card is pretty, and I like it, but I use my phone to pay in shops most of the time (rarely taking my wallet with me anywhere), so that’s pointless
The only thing that actually benefits me now I think about it is the custom and split categories, which is something people have been asking for for years and now is locked behind a £5 per month paywall. It benefits me just enough that I’m happy to continue paying £5 per month though

I think each offer needs to have an end date listed or perhaps the app say when new offers are likely to arise.

Otherwise it just seems very stagnant.


It’s easy to say to have faith, however, Monzo’s track record for paid offerings doesn’t exactly give a lot of confidence in your ability to deliver.

From our point of view, since the new Plus was launched, you’ve added AMEX integration and moved onto launch Premium, with complete radio silence on improvements to Plus.

I just cancelled my Plus membership, hopefully new features might win me back to Plus or get me to upgrade to Premium but for now, it’s not worth it, I was hoping that being an early adopter would get Monzo to do more to keep people on board and to give a more complete offering over time, however, I don’t think that’s happened.

I’ve had each iteration of Plus and I don’t think Monzo knows what they want to do with it long term or I think there would’ve been more movement, so instead I’m going to sit back and not pay for an incomplete service any longer.


And, I think the lack of joint account support really hurts.

I genuinely would have stayed if there was any communication about plans. Similar to how good Monzo was during the Making Monzo phase with the trello board. But there’s been nothing and it’s just stagnated


Unless there’s some major update I’m going to cancel after Xmas.

Right now Plus delivers zero value to me.


If it’s zero value to you, I doubt we’ll see any update big enough to suddenly make it worth the £5. If I were you, I’d just cancel now and save a little money, then grab it again if it ever offers any value to you.

That’s what I’ve done. Except for me, there’s already quite a bit of value to it, it’s just not quite all the way there yet, so a smaller update could tip it for me, and I’ll sign up again.

One thing I will say though, is I didn’t expect to miss the features as much as I do. Category splitting and virtual cards in particular.


Well I don’t use Monzo for any categories or budgeting and virtual cards seem unfinished - I can’t even see all transactions on each card.

The thing I was really excited about with plus was virtual cards. As it stands they are useless though. You can’t freeze them, you can’t set spending limits on them, you can’t link them to pots. They are directly linked to the balance in my account so provide no added security other than I can delete them after use. Yet there’s a finite amount of times I can do that. I would like to see some kind of disposable virtual card and also some way of limiting spends on them or being able to freeze them.

Premium nearly had me signed up but the travel insurance has put me off. It has far more restrictions on it than any other policy I’ve seen before.

Right now I don’t feel like I’m getting any value from Plus and will likely cancel soon if there’s no news on any of the above.