New internet checks

Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere else, but do we know what the Monzo implementation of this will look like? I’m guessing similar to 3DS?

PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication :slight_smile:


Isn’t this essentially 3D Secure but made mandatory? I believe PSD2 only requires 3D Secure v1, and banks are slowly moving to the more secure 3D Secure v2 anyway,


Would there even be a need for Monzo to introduce this?

The current 3DS that Monzo use checks online payments through the app anyway so surely it already qualifies?


why are they checking your internet?

I read it as being separate from 3DS, but I was wondering if Monzo might go for a similar process for it

I can see this being fairly annoying, I don’t get signal downstairs so i’d rather they all did an in app notification rather than force sms to be the default option for this sort of thing.

Exactly. That’s why I’m hoping someone from Monzo can clarify

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It shouldn’t be separate; 3D Secure is an implementation of the Strong Customer Authentication required by PSD2.

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But isnt this for all online transactions, rather than those merchants that choose to use 3DS?

Surely merchants that don’t use 3DS (or some alternative) in Europe won’t be compliant with the SCA requirements of PSD2?

Edit: it appears that Barclaycard, one of the largest payment processors, foresees 3DS 2.0 being used for applicable transactions.

Oh right, so basically, every online transaction will just have to use 3DS?

There are some exceptions such as low value, low risk, etc. but essentially yes, it would appear that’s how things will be implemented.

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Shopping online without Mobile coverage?
Almost all providers offers WiFi calling feature…

Not tesco unfortunately, even though 02 (the network they piggyback do)

Be careful with that: Only Three and EE support SMS over WiFi Calling in the UK.
Maybe ID Mobile and Smarty too, but I am not entirely sure for those.

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