3D Touch Home Screen Quick Actions

Hi all,

I want to share with you a lovely tiny thing we’re working on this week. I’m sure it will make very happy to the lucky iPhone 6s owners out there :slight_smile:

We’re not completely sure about some of the actions though. Particularly “Search”, some of us think that it may not be one of those tasks that you perform so often… so we are considering removing it.

Flipside if we remove “Search” (or any other action) is that we’ll have an extra slot available (iOS only let us four actions) to give a shortcut to pay to the person you pay more often or the last one you paid. Something like this:

What do you think? Are 3D Touch Home Screen Quick Actions something that you use often? Are we missing any interesting shortcut?

Please give us your feedback :slight_smile:



Love 3D touch shortcuts. Definitely think top up and freeze are good. I don’t know any other mondo users yet but assume once I do the recently/most sent would be great.

Thanks for the update Hugo.

I think 3D touch is a great addition to the app, and I like the search and quick pay shortcut options equally as much, But at the end of the day I don’t know how often I will be sending payments to 1 person so I vote to keep the Search and a general Send Money shortcut.

And I imagine that eventually we will no longer be using the top up feature so a ‘custom’ shortcut could be viable at a later date.

Keep the Sneak Peeks coming and it would be great to have an ETA at the bottom of each post, what do you think?

Looks good. If search is removed I think the person paid most often would be a better fourth option than the last person paid.

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This is awesome ! At first glance I would have said : you’re missing the ‘Balance’ shortcut, but it’s written behind Top Up so it’s great.
I personally would have preferred “Spent today : £XX” rather than “Freeze Card”, but maybe it’s just me.
I love to check from time to time how much I spent, but I never freeze my card.

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Top Up yes, Freeze Card probably.

Not sure if Send Money (the generic item, not to a specific person) is really required considering it is a tab in the main navigation bar of the app.

As for sending money to a specific person, as long as it’s predictable who that would be then sure.

Search I don’t think needs to be on 3D Touch though, it’s not too much of an extra step to open the app to see the feed and tap search to filter it. Top Up and Freeze are actions that are more buried in the app yet are frequently used.

Users should have the choice of showing balance or not. Since is a prepaid card, doesn’t really matter that much now, but as a banking app, this needs to be done properly. :slight_smile:


I second ‘spent today’ as being something I would like to check (but then again it is on notifications so maybe I only think it need that when looking at that in isolation). I dont very often send money to people even outside of mondo (probably monthly?) so optimising that not so interesting.

I think it’s a good idea but personally, I wouldn’t want one to be “freeze card”. It’s probably the option I’d use the least and if I did use 3D Touch to quickly freeze my card, if it’s that much of an emergency, I’d probably have to open the app and double check to make sure it’s been frozen either way so it would take just as long.

Definitely think 3D Touch would be useful though!

I would not show both “Send Money” and “Send Money to XYZ”. The latter is probably more useful.

Additionally, I’d suspect that it would actually be faster to not use 3D Touch to choose Send Money because it’s on the tab bar. Only things which aren’t on the tab bar should be included I think.

I’d go for:

  • freeze/unfreeze
  • top up
  • send money to last or most frequent recipient

And I’d leave it at 3 options for now. Can always add another later when the Mondo app has more features.

Can shortcuts be customised within an app or are they fixed. On the basis that I haven’t seen any apps offering the ability to change them I would guess that they are fixed.

However, I ask because personally I would only use Top up and possibly search.
I wouldn’t use the Send Money and Freeze Card shortcuts as they are both things that I do (or would expect to do) very infrequently.
However I can see that others might use them more often…

I think a “spent today” slot would be good. It could show amount spent then on selecting drop you into the spent today view in the app.

Shortcuts can be either programatically created, so yes in that sense they can be dynamic - although I’m not sure to what extent, or can be created in the plist which is static.

@hugo It would be nice to have a page in the app that has toggles for such options - I would preferably only want spent today. Possibly you have the last transaction by merchant name and amount? That would cool.

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Love this idea! I think though, customisable is definitely the best way to go!

+1 for most recent transaction with deeplink to it!


@Eddee16 what shortcuts would you go for?

Regarding the petition about making it customisable… (you’re going to hate me on this :rolling_eyes:) I think that as a general rule every “setting” hides a poor design decision (a no-decision, actually) so I’d try to avoid that kind of approach by all means. I know it’s an unpopular posture, particularly around tech-savvy people that tend to enjoy adjusting switches to tailor their needs.

The way I see it (this is my personal view, not necessarily what we’ll do with the product) users shouldn’t put their efforts and time choosing elements of a UI, that’s our job! That’s why we have analytics, we ask here in the forum and we run user testing sessions. We need to come up with solutions that solve 80% of the problem with just a 20% of the complexity. It sounds counterintuitive but it usually pays off.

In anycase, we totally hear what you are saying… maybe in a few days time I’m sharing a shiny adition to the profile/settings view :wink:

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Ha - I haven’t really given it much thought; I’m just one of those people that likes to have the choice and not be restricted.

Perhaps it isn’t too difficult to give a default option and then options to choose if you wanted too OR even just one customisable slot?

Hi Hugo -

Yes you are absolutely right (I say this as a product manager that often has to work with designers/UXers). Often providing settings is a lazy way of doing design - “push the decision to the user so we don’t have to think about it”. Not always but often.

The problem comes when you have something like a banking app which is used by so many different people with totally different patterns of usage. Basically you run the risk of a prominent feature that a lot of people cant/won’t use because it doesnt fit in with their pattern of usage.

Still, as I said, I do agree with your basic point. :slight_smile:

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While good as a general rule, settings are good for those 50:50 decisions, where it depends on the user’s situation outside of the app’s control or for situations where that 20% REALLY needs to change a behaviour of the service. Then it’s just a case of setting sensible defaults and hiding them just well enough that those who need them can find them but the majority never see the option.

3D touch shortcuts shouldn’t be customisable though, they’re not core functionality and only available on some devices. Do use real use data to adjust them over time though!

I’m not talking Android level, where you’d have to be a nuclear physician to just understand what a setting is for, just simple toggles for what users want to see/do not what the app ‘thinks’ they want to do. Like iOS style settings - a few but just enough.

No can say no to that :wink: lol.

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