A week with mondo

(lee) #1

Love almost everything except…

It notifies me via the drop down bar and on the home screen but then keeps the notification on the app. It’s a bit annoying like its waiting for the app to update.

The send money button in the bottom middle - I never send money to anyone but keep accidentally pressing it and it opens another screen.

Favourite feature is the real time balance - still amazed how it works.

Customer support have been really good and fast when replying.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Thanks for the feedback @lee-am :smiley: Do you think you might start using the Send Money screen once more friends are using Mondo?

(lee) #3

To be honest no. If I needed to send money I would do it via a faster payment and even then it’s something i’d use so infrequently I’d prefer something else went there instead - like direct debits or payments etc.

(Tristan Thomas) #4

What do you mean by payments?

(Hugo Cornejo) #5

@lee-am you can easily turn off the badge for the Mondo app from your iOS Settings > Mondo > Notifications.

If you turn off that fourth switch you’ll never be annoyed again by the “update” effect :slight_smile:

(lee) #6

@tristan - eventually standing orders or transfers to other accounts. I’d find that way more useful then paying someone in my phone.

(lee) #7

@hugo - thank you --------- done :grinning:


assume faster payments