3D Touch Home Screen Quick Actions

People don’t freeze their cards often enough to warrant a dedicated shortcut. With the limited number of current mondo users, the same goes for send money. Checking balance and topping up are definitely useful, though. I’d suggest not filling all the slots - if it turns out it’s not possible to customise, then people will be annoyed if you change it.

Why not just have one. Keep it simple. Top Up.

I don’t think 3D Touch home screen quick actions should be a priority right now. There’s no problem I have with the Mondo app that can be solved by introducing 3D Touch actions.

I feel much the same way about 3D Touch as John Gruber and Jason Snell in this article:

I love the shortcuts. I’m getting used to them in another apps and using them more and more.

I feel having the shortcut for the person you send money most often / most recent is better, since:
1 - it requires more steps to complete via the app
2 - I can’t see why someone would be in a rush to search something to a point they can’t click the extra button to open the app.

i would love balance when full bank widget too its brillant

I like that. Especially the second version where you could pay someone.