2nd account OR the 1st one will have functionality?

I have a bill account and a spending account (which mondo is currently replacing).

Usually on payday I dump all of the money needed for bills and direct debits into the bill account and move all the free money to a spending account. This stops accidental spending of money needed for bills (especially as they are sometimes days out).

Are there plans for an amount to get sectioned off or would you need to mondo accounts?

This might be of interest.

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any updates on this?

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Currently available on TestFlight… I would expect full release very soon.


Would require a lot of manual management/transfers in their current form, but functionality is likely to be improved.

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Cool. Will aim to give it a go. Can we sign up for beta / TestFlight

TestFlight has limited openings. You’ll have to speak to staff about that :wink: