Samsung 5G phone in June 2019, Apple 5G iPhone in late 2020

(Simon B) #1

Interesting that these articles popped up at the same time. It seems that Samsung will have a 5G compatible phone on the market within 6 months, whereas we are looking at the better part of 2 years for a 5G iPhone.

Now, both ecosystems tend to have a lot of lock-in, but objectively, will this hurt Apple to wait so long, or will it not make much difference since many networks might not even support it for a while?


A 5G phone



will this hurt Apple to wait so long

Not at all; 5G is absolutely useless for the consumer at the moment. Properly done 4G/LTE is more than powerful enough for most (all?) purposes, and if the carriers can’t do proper LTE why expect them to do a good job with 5G?

will it not make much difference since many networks might not even support it for a while?

Same story with iPhone XS’ eSIM; nobody supports it and probably will not for a while, and doesn’t seem to be making any differences in terms of sales. To be fair, when I look at the spec I can’t really blame the carriers for this, but then again they were involved in the design of it (otherwise why would the spec be so awful? :joy:) so really no excuse for not implementing what they asked for in the first place.

(Lord Chimpington.. the 3rd) #3

Don’t think it will be a problem for apple to be fair.

IIRC when 4G was first delivered, the performance was relatively poor (at least in Edinburgh), 3G was faster!

It’ll be the same for 5G, Apple will come along when it’s been widely rolled out, a standard has been set and will deliver ‘the fastest iPhone ever’ :wink:

(Valeri) #4

I have to say 4G from both o2 and EE was spot on at the begging as there weren’t too many people on it. As more and more users started connecting to it I can sensibly feel the over-subscription in densely populated areas such as London (fyi EE still have some brilliantly speedy spots here and there even in London but it was definitely better before).

Singling out the biggest & cheapest manufacturer of 5G equipment “for being Chinese” probably won’t enable the new generation to do quick market penetration so I expect slow roll-out of the service… and probably no iPhones supporting it before you have at least 10% coverage of America :slight_smile:

(Matt Hill) #5

Personally I don’t think its going to make much difference either way for the next couple of years.

I’m not that excited for 5g, unless data limits are scrapped it makes little difference how quickly I can use up my limited data allowance.

However where I do think 5g will likely benefit is people living and working in places like London, where mobile networks can be so congested its like been on dial-up.

Up north though I can be in a field in the middle of nowhere and get 50mbps+ over 4g, the same as been in the town I work in or at home. In theory great, however in reality it makes no difference to the 12mbps+ i was getting on 3g.

(Brian Hunter) #6

Isn’t that usual for Apple anyway? Don’t think 4G was out for a year or so before they jumped on, unless I am remembering wrong.

Early days for 5G anyway.