1p Savings Challenge IFTTT

In IFTTT? Your balance isn’t available (yet) as a queryable item.

This is all confusing.
I don’t even know how to view my account platform.

Hi Tonny :wave:

Just to start things off - have you downloaded and opened a Monzo account?

Yes I have

Okay so if that is all set up, what you want to do is download IFTTT.

Once in IFTTT search for “Monzo 1p” and it should be the first result.

Click on that and follow the process to set it up.

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I have done all that.

I even transfered some money to the account and Pot.

Now I don’t know what’s next neither can I view my account.

The movement won’t trigger until 8AM tomorrow - so you’ll have to wait until then to see if the IFTTT trigger is working.

Make sure you have £1.59 in your account and wait until tomorrow! :+1:

Hey guys. I recently created a small app to help work out how much you will be saving between 2 dates. Helped me set aside an amount in my budgets on payday. Hope it’ll help some others.



So this is taking the payment due as it rises yes? Not doing a 1p calc per day between dates (which I think i can do in my head :wink: )

No this will tell you how much you will deposit into a pot between dates.

So between payday in July and payday in August, I’ll have deposited £67.78

I’m impressed if you can do that in your head :astonished:

I think we are saying the same thing…

This calc is NOT going to tell me that at 1p per day, and with (for example) 30 days between the two dates, I’d be moving 30p.

This calc IS telling me that, in accordance to the 1p Savings challenge amounts, (£1.59 today, £1.60 tomorrow, £1.61 the day after etc) how much I’d move in total based on the start/end dates given.

Sorry, just the way my brain works (badly!)

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Exactly. I think you may have explained it better than me!

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My Applets stopped running.
If not rectified I’ll close down.

Who are you expecting to rectify things? You’re the only one with access to your own applets. What do IFTTT say?

The applets are not reconnecting.

If you threaten people they’re not going to want to help. Perhaps you could rephrase your question and put a little effort into explaining what the issue is with a little more detail.

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Is there any way I could get the deposits to showing in my spending summary?

Hi & welcome :wave:

Generally, deposits are shown in the Summary > Income > Transfers section and for each deposit received within the Summary reporrting period, they will contribute to (increase) the left-to-spend amount shown in the same period.

Quick question. I have the Change Jar pot setup (If have it setup to round all spend up to the nearest £1 and it collects the difference into a pot)… so if I setup this 1p challenge with IFTT, will that mean that it will send 1p to my 1p challenge pot, but then 99p to my change jar pot… then 2p to my 1p challenge pot but 98p to my change jar pot… and so on

Am I able to have both running at the same time?

I believe that the roundup feature only works on card transactions, so it won’t work on your savings challenge.