16-17 year old account application

Hello Monzo Community,

I tried to apply for a monzo account but it’s stating you can’t offer me one… I’m 16 and was wanting the 16-17 account but might of pressed the wrong one? Or maybe because I provided my passport and it’s the new blue one so it’s a different design…? I am desperate to have a monzo account because of its features haha. Does anyone know why this might be or have experienced this themselves?

Many thanks,
Daniel :grin:

We’re all customers so we can’t help you with this.

You can try contacting Monzo to see what they say but usually their decision is final.


Like @Ordog said, we can’t help on this forum as we’re just customers. Your best bet would be to contact Monzo and ask if they could provide a reason.

I know the feeling of wanting the Monzo features - I was in the same boat a year and a half ago wanting to open a Monzo account when I turned 16, but was also unsuccessful as I didn’t have a Passport back then.

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I’d emailed yesterday but didn’t hear back so I’m going to call later. I’m thinking it might be the layout of my passport with it being the new blue one, just have to see when I call them. Thanks :slight_smile:

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It won’t be the colour of your passport.

The email system is slow and the phone line will just cut you off. You should just be patient and wait for them to reply to your email.

But I wouldn’t be hopeful of them changing their mind.

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Oh ok it’s just that the new passport has a different design to it for the main page. I’ll wait for a response :grin:

Or it could in that you don’t have one so are too much of a risk for them at the moment.

What we’re all saying is that there are soooo many reasons why it could be declined and we could be guessing forever. I’d try not to get tangled up on what it could be and focus on finding an alternative bank while waiting for Monzo to get back to you.

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The screen also mentions CIFAS, have you ever had a bank close an account due to suspicious activity?

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The CIFAS mention is a generic statement added to the account rejection page.

That doesn’t matter. Banks have access to a government service that validates passports directly with Her Majesty’s Passport Office.


Thanks so much everyone for the responses and the Monzo phone calls staff, it is all being checked over by the appeals team, many thanks!

I have never had any issues with banks in the past, i currently hold a Barclays account (opened for 5 years, since I was 11) and a Santander account (open for about 3 years). I have never had an account closed or denied or been close to going to a £0 balance and also never had any issues with money because I always pay on time for my direct debits which is why its so strange. Nevertheless, Monzo are looking into it so a massive thanks for all your help and advice :smiley:

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Sent a Data Subject Access Request to CIFAS to make sure there are no mistakes. :slight_smile:

pretty sure CIFAS shows up on Credit Karma

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But the OP would have to be 18 to register for CK.


I’ve tried a few Credit Check websites but you have to be 18. Ive sent a Data Subject Access Request to CIFAS so hopefully they get back soon along with monzo’s appeals team :slight_smile: Ive tried Experian, Equifax, Clearscore and Credit Karma and they all say 18, think there all the same but ill try a few more.

Nothing against me with CIFAS and I’ve opened another account with a different bank so theres definitely nothing against me. Hopefully will be able to reapply in the future :frowning_face:

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Just to add to this - if you have derogatory information that CIFAS is holding about you it will not show up on any credit report.

I submitted a DSAR with the CIFAS and there was nothing against me with them.

There will be something Monzo don’t like about you. You may never know - unless you’re not letting on about something you’ve done previously.

Just open an account elsewhere, you’re likely not going to find a resolution here.

I haven’t ever done anything bad, anyways ive opened an account with starling and natwest instead. tried opening with 2 more to double check there was nothing against me.

Best wishes for the future :slight_smile:

Why would you need 4 accounts suddenly?

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