Under 18's and Monzo

Apparently my 17 year old daughter cant have a Monzo card.

My dinosaur bank allowed her to have a debit card since she was 11. What is the reason?

I understand that under 18’s cant legally be allowed to go into debt but her current account and its debit card manage to reject payments that might take her into debt so why cant Monzo?

Why no teenagers on Monzo?

The current reason is down to agreements with the 3rd parties who provide the infrastructure for the prepaid card. Given some of the discussions around this very issue, I’d expect it to change as Monzo take card issuing in to their own hands and roll out current accounts.


We absolutely will be offering the full current account to Under 18’s.

As @RichardR stated - it’s simply down to the agreements we made on the prepaid scheme with our partners.


this is great to hear - the next generation of customers being taught financial responsibility early using Monzo


I want to get an account for my lad so he can see where his money goes. A bit of financial responsibility never hurt anyone.

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@zancler kindly revealed / let slip that the current accounts will be available to anyone who’s 13+ at last night’s open office. Although he & Matt weren’t 100% sure that the minimum age was 13…the point is, they will be available when the current accounts launch :slight_smile:

Looking at this long term, this seems like great news for Monzo’s ability to see trends in user’s spending for things like credit assessment / helping users with mental health conditions etc. :thumbsup:

And it’s a great opportunity to start helping younger users to get into the habit of managing their money.


Yeah I was a little surprised by that, as there is currently no support in the app for a person having an account, but then other people being able to manage and access that account (i.e. their parents). Would seem quite out of scope for the first current account release.

I didn’t think of that. I assume that, that functionality won’t be supported from day 1, unless it’s something they’ve been working on in the background. That seems unlikely though, as under 16 YOs can’t be offered an overdraft.

But if all that’s required is a rewrite to the T’s & C’s then why not offer the account :slight_smile: parents will still have a much clearer view of their child’s spending if they look at their account in the app & it’s good for the child, for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post.

Side note - you probably spotted @m8tt’s post in the developer’s Slack team about sending WhatsApp messages to parents whenever the child transacts too. That’s a good example of a way that this would enable some of the more techy parents to start experimenting with those type of extensions :tada:

Are Nationwide copying everything Monzo do or vice versa? Now they are plugging an under 18’s current account which I had never heard of in my life.

It’s a standard thing for all traditional banks, has been for many decades I think


I had a Girobank current account back in 1980 when I was 16 :slight_smile:

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