1 Free Virtual Card attached to a Bills Pot

How about when a user creates their first Bills Pot it automatically creates a virtual card that is attached to it? This could be used for the likes of card subscriptions.

Then if the user wants more virtual cards or more virtual cards attached to any standard pot they’d have to subscribe to Plus.
Perhaps Plus users could even get 1 physical card that is matched to a pot?

It’s not a fully formed idea but it has just popped into my head. It’s not half baked for standard accounts but does allow for expansion to attract Plus sign ups for those who want more.

What do you think?

It seems like this could be the only solution for being able to have cpas paid from a pot doesnt it.

I really think bills pots should be free, there one of the main features to make people use monzo as their primary account.

If monzo figured out a way to make cpas come from a pot and then charge for that solution it would leave a very sour taste indeed

Agreed, but I think if you could have the first bills pot with a virtual card for free it would be a good solution for most, and then the “power” users could have more with Plus if they wished.

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That would probably remove one of the few reasons people sign up for Plus for.


Maybe, but it’s not a reason that people sign up for Plus at the moment as you can’t assign a virtual card to a pot.

Could be used to entice people on to Plus though so they could have a pots with cards for various online retailers.

It is also the same reason to not get a free virtual card for a bills pot because you can’t currently assign a virtual card to a pot. :man_shrugging:t2:

As someone who only uses one virtual card in Monzo Plus, it would suit me but equally it would deprive Monzo of my £5 as I don’t really rate any other Monzo Plus feature other than the virtual cards.