0% Money Transfers into a Monzo account

I recently applied for a 0% money transfer card from MBNA, however when requesting the money transfer into my Monzo account I was told that “Monzo Bank is not compliant and cannot accept money transfers”.

Luckily I still had a Santander account open so was able to do via that. Has anyone else had issues with transfers like this?

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Im using Barclays and never experienced similar issues . Maybe contact MBNA and ask them to provide More info.

Was it a balance transfer? If yes, in my experience you can transfer the money only to a credit card but not a bank account.

Money transfer (not balance transfer) allows you to transfer money from a credit card to a bank account

Balance transfer is for transferring between credit cards.


Out of interest, approx how long have you had a monzo account and is it showing on your credit file?

I’m pretty sure mbna do a soft check for money transfers, which you may fail if the account isn’t on file or even if it’s only just been opened, because of the fraud risk.

This is on their website

What else do I need to know about money transfers?

Money transfer requests are subject to eligibility and security checks, but these won’t leave a footprint on your credit file.

Been with monzo for nearly a year now, its on my credit file :slight_smile:

I’ve done 0% money transfers several times to Monzo (from a Tesco card). I don’t see why there would be an issue with it.

They’re probably just being awkward :pensive:

Have you checked that all the addresses match up and so on? I have several middle names and have had checks fail because they were missing from an account - pretty arbitrary really, so clutching at straws…

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I think it is MBNA being awkward!