YubiKey + iPhone NFC

I wonder how many other companies will adopt this (if possible)… I’m really hoping that they allow things like door entry cards for hotels and offices etc.

You mean adopt using the NFC of the iPhone rather than the YubiKey specifically?

There’s a diabetes blood glucose level sensor (you wear it on your arm as a patch, rather than constantly pricking your fingers) that now works with iPhone. For the past couple of years it was android only. I thought it’d be huge news when they added compatibility but it seemed to slip under the radar mostly, just a few stories came out about it.

Yeah basically, things like Oystercard, hotel keys, door entry etc could all switch over to NFC.

I’ve seen door entry but that was on a jailbroken device.

Can’t Android users activate their Monzo cards by tapping them? :eyes:

I imagine for all the stuff you have to open the relevant compatible app first right?

I guess but not with this


Now I can finally be card free