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Everyone’s at it! I feel it will be hard to unseat Instagram from being the King of this particular style of social media. But we’ll see.

The social media space is just full of companies churning out copy cats - It’s so depressing.

Wait a few years, by that point all parents will be on Instagram, and then the youth will move to another platform (like they did with FaceBook).

Tom at MySpace has been planning this for the last 15 years…


Stories on YouTube make sense actually. A place for short, temporarily “vlogs” that are not as polished as the user’s conventional content and thus wouldn’t belong on their main channel.

I know some creators have a secondary channel for outtakes and off-topic content so stories would fit this use-case perfectly.

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Yeah, I mean that’s just how the space works, really.

Instagram Stories itself was a copy of Snapchat Stories, but better designed, better implemented, and now has significantly more users.

That’s true, I hadn’t thought of that use case!

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This would be a great use, I have to agree though that everyone who’s attempted to copy this has failed badly.
Snapchat was good but Instagram blew it out of the water.

Am I right in saying even WhatsApp tried to introduce these?


I still think the bulk of the younger kids (12-18) are rocking snapchat - Certainly around where I live (based on me asking my neighbours kids… Not my actual usage).

Even Skype was trying I think. :joy::joy::joy:

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Speaking of Skype, I sometimes use Skype in combination with screen recording software (Amolto) to do interviews with musicians for my own YT channel. It’s fine with audio, but when recording the entire screen for video, it’s hugely CPU intensive.

Is there a better tool I could be using here?

presuming you’ve tried not sure if it will be less resource heavy compared to amolto.

If you’re wanting to spend you could always try an external one (if you use an external monitor rather laptop screen that is)


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