YouTube Ad block - any workarounds?

I’ve been using an ad block on youtube years. It seems Youtube have now decided to block users using an adblock. I just received this:

There are a lot of technical people on this forum, so wondered if anyone had any workarounds? :innocent:

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Plenty of workarounds. But I’m not the one to help undermine YouTube’s revenue on a public forum.

Ironically, Google search may help find the best solution for you.

If I’m honest, the Ads don’t really distract me - wait a few seconds for ‘Skip >>’ to show and off you go.

I’m sure they have bigger fish to fry :joy: But thanks, will go back to Google I guess…

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There is a topic on Reddit covering the same thing. Maybe there are some answers in there :face_with_monocle:


Ah nice, one of them worked… wonder how long that’ll last. Worst case scenario, I guess there’s YouTube premium.

On mobile I use Revanced which patches the regular YouTube into Premium and also allows you to skip in video bits where they waffle on and it auto skips sponsor segments in video.

You can see the coloured scrub bar.


oh that’s genius, will check it out!

I was realising, I probably watch more Youtube, than Netflix, iPlayer, and Prime combined - so those ads really add up.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if I didn’t consistently get two 15 second ads only a few minutes after getting two 15 second ads on the last video I opened, or 30 seconds of ads for a 15 second-1 minute clip. Also I wish they had a more affordable plan. It’s £12.99 for ad-free, background play, downloading, and YouTube Music Premium, but literally all I want is ad-free. I don’t understand why they don’t have more plans instead of just an all-or-nothing approach.

Also, mid-roll ads are one of the worst things to ever happen to video on the internet.


Agree - a couple of pounds a month to go ad-free would be fair. Bundling it in with other services you don’t need is really irritating. Then again, considering Google sometimes makes £30 on a single click on a competitive term on search, I’m not going have sleepless nights from guilt from using an ad blocker. Same goes for Sky and F1…

I had the “video plater will be blocked after 3 videos” modal, I clicked “Allow YouTube Ads”, it shows the steps to allow through each adblocker, I just dismissed it and now I’m 10 videos in with no ads and no blocked player :thinking:

My workaround works well, but it does involve money… I pay for youtube premium via Turkey, so YT Premium family is about £3 a month, you can add up to 5 people to it

You do have to delete any addresses that say you’re in the UK and set up a Turkish address

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I do it via Argentina cost £1.64 for family this month


It’s not an ad blocker so doesn’t get caught by this change (yet?), but on iOS and Mac, there’s a plug-in called vinegar. I think it costs £3. It replaces the YouTube video player (which is crap) with the native macOS/iOS video player to give you features like picture-in-picture. As a result of that, it has the caveat of overriding the ads and not displaying pre-roll or mid-roll ads.

And a blog post from the developer behind the app who is monitoring the situation closely:


If you’re on Mac, iPhone or iPad just download Adguard from the App Store. Gets around this new YouTube thing + 99% of ads without ever needing to be touched again once you’ve set it up, and doesn’t cost a thing.

Thanks @N26throwaway just bought vinegar.


A bit off topic, I was trying to watch some spanish shows via VPN and the premium requires me to add a card which i tried with my monzo virtual card but it doesn’t accept it. How do you get around this to pay for in the local currency/card? My usecase only requires USD but my AMEX nor my Monzo is being accepted

@NanoOp Used Starling to set it up for me so tagging him to answer

Check out Brave browser, blocks ads in YouTube, twitter etc.


I use a virtual card on Revolut

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From @NanoOp:I used the virtual card facility on Starling. It seems to work where in some places Revolut didn’t for me, for YT Premium, it was the first thing I tried.