Your best feature is one you don't talk about

So I had the horrible experience of inserting my Monzo card into an ATM and watching it give me a Windows XP shut down prompt whilst simultaneously charging me and eating my card.

Its the early hours of the morning and while I’m lucky enough to bank with a bank that offers 24/7 service this is the first time I’ve used Monzo’s customer service. I sent a message and expected to wait until business hours the next day to receive a response.

No, 3 minutes later I am contacted by the wonderful @francesco. Unlike my regular bank (which is exceptionally good for a bank as it does offer 24/7 support and is the sole reason I chose them) there were no security questions, I spoke to someone who understood my issue, even before I said it he knew that the card was what I really lamented, a tiny bit of plastic that is replaceable but gave me a story to tell (it was an alpha card).

I know you say you have Fast and friendly support, but I think this is your main selling point. Before that when I told anyone what you do it was always Monzo is the card to travel with because of your interbank exchange rates and instant conversion on my phone into my home currency. Or that if you lose your card you can just freeze it and when you find it in the fridge later that day you don’t have to wait a week for your replacement and feel sheepish.

You have no idea how many of my friends hate their bank purely because of sluggish service, I have been touting First Direct to them all because its the best so far and that’s all they really care about. It’s a place to plop your money, interest rates are so low that they are irrelevant to anyone who understands opportunity cost. All most people I know want is to know that when they do have an issue, a payment doesn’t go through then they can sort it out with ease.

I’m so surprised that I’ve used Monzo since Alpha, I’ve invested twice but I never knew that you had 24/7 human customer service.

Just last week my girlfriend really lost her shit (she’s normally very patient) with her bank when she lost her card phoned them to cancel it and after going through numerous security checks they lost connection and asked her to do it all again. I understand the need for security checks before sending a payment but totally understood her anger that they wouldn’t cancel her card without going through security again. Something that is totally unnecessary yet likely not the customer service representatives fault because they have strict rules to follow.

I hope we can keep this up in the switch to current accounts and I understand that yes it will probably require some additional security to meet regulations, but it was the first time speaking to a bank and feeling like I was just chatting to a human.

Also chat is so much more secure I feel like I can do it on the bus or the train and not worry about the fact that anyone in earshot clearly knows I’m speaking to my bank and providing my security questions.


Hey George! As someone who does Overnight Support (along with @francesco and many other awesome people) this post really makes me feel good. There’s some markedly different feelings that customers have when facing problems during so called “unsociable” hours - or indeed, people in a different time zone that doesn’t sync much with UK day hours.

I find the contrast quite fascinating compared with the occasions that I’ve worked a day shift.

I’m really glad that we were able to help you so quickly and rest assured we definitely plan on keeping the same awesome experience, and even improving it where we can - for our full current accounts.

It may seem like we don’t talk about it much - but as your post shows, it’s something that doesn’t always mean much to customers if they’ve not been in a position where they’ve needed to use it. You can tell people you have good support, but it’s a million times more effective when you show them. (not that we want people to have to contact us, of course!)

Thank you for your kind words, not just from myself and my fellow overnight folks, but from the whole Operations team, and indeed the whole company. When we see posts like this, it really makes us all feel good, and motivated :grinning:


+1 to all of this. Monzo customer team are amazing! <3


+1 . I’ve used Monzo support at least three times since I got my card. They are not only swift on their responses but they cut the chase immediately. The majority of customers don’t need to hear a “I am sorry for the problem that you are experiencing… blah blah blah” We need just a solution as fast as possible. So Thanks Monzo excellent customer service.