Your 2019 investment choices

Its simple, not everyone shares the same ethical and moral views


Been a while since my ethics classes but pretty sure murdering unborn generations is universally frowned upon :thinking:

lol " murdering unborn generations " …bloody capitalists … :slight_smile:


@jph, I think some would refute your hypothesis that Microsoft or Alibaba are more ethically sound. However, my driver was to invest in non-UK denominated tech stocks, and the main rationale for Amazon was my preference to invest in companies or industries to which I’d had exposure - and Amazon fit the bill nicely. Their track record of investing in R&D was also very compelling.

My track record of investing in China hasn’t been great.

Concerning Azure, I used to own Microsoft shares, then sold them on the day I downloaded and tried Windows 8, because I was so disgusted by the poor UI, lack of performance and number of bugs. At the time, I put the proceeds from the sale into Apple shares, and haven’t since invested in Microsoft (though I wish I had continued to maintain some investment in them as their share price has increased almost as much over that period).

Do you buy gold / silver (wedding rings)? Do you own a mobile phone with cobalt in it? Do you / have you been in an electric car with lithium batteries?

Mining doesn’t equal oil/natural gas/coal.

GDX is a gold mining etf.

Educate yourself before you shout.

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This is hysterical nonsense.


Come to think of it, unless you live off the grid (without road access), generate your own electricity, eat what you grow in your garden, live in a wooden house, and don’t use any devices (which you clearly did to post your moronic comment) then grow up and think a bit before you accuse people of things.


Fair points.

LOL. Nice argument. Not like it’s been refuted in the literature over and over for the past century.

If you can’t tell the difference between funding exploitative cobalt mining in the Congo and repairing a second hand mobile to use while travelling we’re not going to get very far.

Gosh really?!

I know. That’s why I said “extractivist industries”.

They all require extraction…

Not sure this requires a response…

Precisely which part do you disagree with?

Bushveld had jumped 8% or so this morning.

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