Investing help please

Hey all,

I currently have a couple of thousand saved and I would like to start investing my money. I have no idea the best way to proceed and I was looking for some advise?


couple of previous threads, not necessarily advice though , found by typing “investments” in the search - all depends on your appetite to risk , and how soon the money is needed

Yours is a really broad question, but is a good resource to get started and ask more specific questions. Start with the sidebar of information, and in particular follow their flowchart.

When you’re at the point where the flowchart tells you to invest, the basics are:

  1. Pick something(s) suitable to invest in that match your risk appetite and could meet your goals. You should end up with a broadly diversified portfolio.
  2. Find the cheapest investment platform that allows you to invest in what you picked.
  3. Invest, stick to your plan, and don’t worry about short term fluctuations in the stock market, or even major crashes: you’re in it for the long term, and you’ll likely make a good gain in the end.

That first step is where most people have the greatest difficulty and anxiety, but actually these days we’re blessed with great offerings that make things really easy: for most people, you just invest in a passive global index tracking fund, such as Vanguard’s global all-cap fund.

And the second step is also pretty easy: for most people starting out, Vanguard’s own platform is probably going to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways of going.

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