Stocks and shares ISA 2020/21

It’s a new financial year and I’m looking for a stocks and shares ISA. I’m happy using T-212/Freetrade to play with small amounts of money, but I think I’d rather a “fire and forget solution” to invest a set monthly amount.

I was thinking about Vanguard LifeStrategy, but am keen to hear from others - what are your plans for stocks and shares ISAs in the 20/21 tax year?

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Im currently using Vanguard LS for most of my investments. T212 are launching Autoinvest this month which should automate trades probably similar to most roboinvesting, the only difference being you have to select your investments first.


I keep 80% in Harbourvest Private Equity (HVPE). They’ve taken a hit past few weeks as have most, but fairly solid since I started.

My pension is in Vanguard now with the “Global all cap fund” currently can’t save towards an ISA :joy:

You can use Freetrade as a fire and forget solution by investing in diversified funds available through them instead of individual company shares

There are a few options available.

If I’m honest in regards to Freetrade and T212. I wouldn’t consider these for any serious investment just now . T212 I don’t regard as ethical as far as I can see (and last I checked they have hidden fees), and neither I think are robust or stable enough for holding an ISA at this time. Freetrade is nice but it’s not a mature product yet. (I use Freetrade for a small amount of non ISA investments)

There’s a few well established options for S&S ISA but I’ve always preferred Vanguard for it’s clear fees and pretty easy to use platform. In fact I believe it’s the only established platform around that has only one fee (plus fund fee). If your just looking for long term funds you can’t really go wrong with it.

They have no direct debit option or scheduled buy options. So it’s not quite fire and forget.

It really depends i think on how comfortable you are as an investor I’d say. I used Fidelity personally because the platform fees are reasonably cheap, no dealing charges on funds and over 3,000 of them to chose from. I like buying in to a range of different funds.

They are a bit limited on stocks at the moment (FTSE and AIM only) but I’m not really a stock trader.

Ah, didn’t know that. Just assumed they’d have that basic feature. Although lack of this probably wouldn’t put me off…one manual trade a month is probably 2 minutes work.

But I agree Vanguard Investor is a great option and the general lack of maturity of Freetrade is a bit of a concern at the moment.

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On your use case as well I think. HL is very good for example, and if your buying stocks it’s not that expensive depending on how much your buying in and how frequently.

The best question to ask @Peter_G is probably what do you want to do? Stocks? Funds? Do you want access to the entire fund market or have an idea of what you want to be exposed to. Etc.

Don’t get me wrong I think Freetrade have been improving at a reasonable pace for the age of the company. But for me at least I consider it a new company and a beta product and with that comes risk that I wouldn’t consider putting my ISA into. A few more years and I think they will likely change.

I am glad that I had used up my 2019/20 ISA allowance as I was tempted to put my next £10k ISA into a Stocks and Shares ISA through Vanguard LS60.

If I had been able to do that in January 2020, when I was researching prior to the new tax year, that investment would now be worth £8,606, based on the quoted prices between 24 Jan 2020 and 3 Apr 2020.

Now, I was planning on leaving it in there for 10 years, however, that would still have been a massive hit to try and come back from.

Likely to steer clear of S&S ISAs for now. Never been much of a gambler. Don’t even do the lottery!!

I’ve got a pension and an ISA tagged to that.

Found it’s the best “fire and forget” fund going.

You on the accumulation one?

Yes FTSE Global All Cap Index Fund Accumulation

I have also put the kids JISA and the wifes new pension to it also :wink:

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I would recommend £7.99 a trade, and a pretty good interface. Also very comprehensive- I’ve never found a share they don’t have.


Not sure what fees you’re referring to? I’ve been using them for months with no fees? :eyes:

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It’s buried in their terms and conditions

13.6. We reserve the right to charge your Account an inactivity fee in return for the maintenance, administration and compliance management of such inactive Account without prior notice and at our sole discretion.

13.7. An inactivity fee may become payable by You in case there are no generated transactions on your Account for a period of at least six consecutive months (180 days) and is due to the fact that Trading 212 services are continually provided to You for trading in CFDs, regardless of your actual use.

13.8. The inactivity fee is published on “Terms and Commissions” available at our Website and is charged at the end of each 6 month period of inactivity. You agree that You are liable to and will pay this inactivity fee when it is due and that we may deduct the latter from any funds held by us on your behalf.

Is that specific to the CFD account? I’ve just opened a general investment one and kept an eye out for terms like that and couldn’t find any. Although clearly I might just have not been looking in the right places.

I think it’s specific to their CFD account but I’m not 100% sure.

To be fair, this term is buried half way down a pretty large terms document. I’m not aware of it being mentioned anywhere else.

I think for the most part their fees (or lack or) are above board but this is clearly one they don’t advertise clearly.

(It’s not why I don’t think they’re ethical though, that’s mainly to do with their CFD platform essentially funds the free free trading of off others poor judgement. It’s fine, I just don’t strictly agree with how they go about it personally)

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There are no hidden fees on the Invest/ISA account with T212. Unless it is so well hidden that nobody has uncovered it.