YouGov: What kind of Brit banks with a fintech?

This is an interesting read:


Also, these headlines:

And ranking of banks’ fame:


Super interesting find! I’d be very interested to see a split of the Age/Income data, and perhaps an overlay of median salary by City/Town too, rather than National.

Most interesting that Monzo have fewer “Lower Income” customers than the other two, and the national, but also a higher representation of younger users too. (Especially given Monzo’s view to make money work for everyone, yet they aren’t attracting lower income customers).


Less famous than the GC.

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If I had to guess at one major reason for this it would be their approach to cash.


And because they don’t have a lot to spend, they don’t feel the need to have a ‘spending’ card.

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Both of these and their approach to cheques.

Lower income customers may also be more nervous about not being able to manage their account at the Post Office (like with most high street banks).

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