“You will run out of money”

Hi, you know the budget sort of feature where it shows you what you have left after planned payments etc, I like that very much, as it’s similar to HSBCs balance after bills, but, oh my goodness I am so tired of constantly seeing RED (literally) and being told I’m going to run out of money. I’m definitely not, I never have, but this red I see every day when I open monzo really annoys me and kinda makes me feel negative whenever I look at it, I’ve genuinely been considering stopping with monzo because of how much it irks me (might just be an autism thing)

I know I can use the smart labs feature to remove it all together but then I can’t see the “money left” so it’s hard for me to visualise.

I just wish it was exactly the same but without the scale, and the colours!

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How else do you expect the app to tell you you’re going to run out of money?

It does this because your budgeting in summary isn’t accurate, otherwise it would stay in green.

Add a buffer to your spending in summary and it should resolve it.

I could suggest switching it off & then taking a look at Trends instead? :eyes:

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Would it help if you mentally added “If you keep spending at your current rate then…” the the start of the sentence?

What is a buffer? And also I put all my budgets to zero because I don’t need that feature, I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated and can’t just show me what the balance will be after the bills come out, like HSBC, which is free!! I pay for monzo. Not everyone needs to know when they’ll run out of money, I literally have pots with money that I put aside for things like food and stuff, so that stupid “you’re gonna run out of money” is useless. The only time it was in green was when I had £21,000 in it for my mortgage, it’s ridiculous

I might be being a bit dense, but I can’t work out whether you want to see the projection of how much money you’ll have left, or not. Or is it just the colour?

The suggestion here is a good one

It does this because trends is poor at predicting bills. Balance after bills is where it needs to be in that if a payment amount or date changes you can manually change it, for that iteration only. You can’t do this in trends so it was often wrong for me when I used Monzo

Because Balance after Bills (Great tool by the way!) and left to spend are different tools. The latter works out a “predicted” number based on the budget you’ve set for the month. If it’s zero then the left to spend will always be zero.

BaB works on direct debits, like trends, and committed spend. They are slightly different tools,

What you need to do to get Monzo to work how you want is set a budget for each category, this will then update the "left to spend’ based on your expendable budget.

For BaB you can use Trends as noted, but it is limited compared to the former tool as you can’t easily manually adjust numbers if they are out for the month.

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That’s exactly what left to spend does… TBH I didn’t know HSBC had that feature, will note that for the future.

Like you I find setting manual budgets just overcomplicated, so I don’t do it… it works well enough without them.

By buffer I mean if you’re giving yourself a strict £100 per month, but seeing red closer the end of the month which predicts you’ll spend more than you’ve set, given the days remaining in the month.

So putting £110 as your budget instead (£10 being a spending buffer) you shouldn’t see red.

Summary and left to spend is being removed, so take a look at Trends and see how you get on there, no red markets as far as I know.

Trends does this, but left to spend (summary) doesn’t. It works out your bills, yes, but it also takes into account budgeting. Meaning it can often be out especially if you use zero budgeting.

EDIT: Apparently, this isn’t the case, but It was for me.

This isn’t the case with Balance after bills as it only focuses on your bills, as does trends. But trends isn’t great at variances.

That’s not true at all. I’ve been using left to spend since I joined monzo and have never set a manual budget. It’s accurate to the point I rely on it.

The one in trends has often been wildly incorrect sometimes and is clearly still being worked on, so I ignore it. Trends generally isn’t useful to me.

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When I used it, I found unless I set a budget it would always tell me I had no money, so our milage varies.

However If you use it currently, your experience should be the one for reference.

I can’t see my available after bills section yet as my first set of bills don’t come out until the 1st of the month. So hope it will show up then. I don’t like the trends as it does always say I’m going to run out of money and never have understood that but it’s probably me doing something wrong haha