Monzo ‘left to spend’ missing feature (old Monzo design)


There used to be a feature (as recent as two weeks ago) where if you have £0 on your ‘left to spend’, you can view how much in the negative you are and how much you need in your account to get it back into the green limits, making it easier to keep to budget. Because I get paid every 4 weeks and receive income from housemates and other streams during the month, this was useful for me as it allowed me to not spend too much until those income streams were received.

It seems since the new Monzo design has rolled out, this has been removed. I still have the old design - I’m actually not sure how to even get it as I dismissed the notification as I wasn’t fond - and no, deleting the app and reinstalling doesn’t work.

I’ve added a screen shot from my phone (one mentioning I have £0 left to spend) and lifted two other screenshots from Google to illustrate my issue. The bit I’m talking about is the line where it says “you’re set to have £££ left over”.

I’d be grateful if someone at Monzo could help with this please.


Details to reproduce:
OS: 16
Device: iPhone
App Version: not sure


This is from an old feature called Summary which is being phased out. It’s being replaced by a newer budgeting/analytics tool called Trends.

Inside Trends there’s a Balance section which indicates your balance minus your upcoming scheduled payments. This is sometimes called “left to spend” and sometimes “estimated balance”. It depends on what accounts you have selected in the filters list at the top of the page.

There’s also a Target section which you can configure to tell you how much to have left relative to some target (overall spending budget) that you manually set. Categories you don’t want included in this analysis should be moved into the “excluded from target” section. For example, move Bills into the excluded section if you want Target to focus on your day-to-day discretionary spending.

You can also access these Trends values on the new Home screen via a feature called Spotlights (swipe down on new Home screen).

There are some help articles on Trends here (see bottom of page): Opening pots, budgeting and saving