You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Neil M) #272

If anything I think Monzo should probably run more educational courses and material so people can understand things like illiquidity and how this crowdfunding differs from other types and also risk etc.

(Excited about Christmas) #273

There’s a lot on the Crowdcube website. Also, anyone who clicked through the pre-investment questions without fully understanding them (or not caring) is taking a huge risk. Luckily for them, if they only ever invest in Monzo, they’ll probably get away with it!

(James N) #274

So happy I decided to Invest. Especially investing in such a fantastic thing that I appreciate and believe in. :blush:

(Steve) #275

I’d like to see this come as a series promoting a link up with Seedrs or Crowdcube or more broadly WiseAlpha/Nutmeg/Wealthify etc…


I am happy I invested too… Took my break late at work … Logged in at 10. 03

(Neil M) #277

It depends if they do more rounds and if so whether in house. I think if anything has been learnt from this round its that most newspapers think that Monzo is a bank for millennials and they will go on and on about how people don’t know the risks etc. I think in order to mitigate that in future rounds some sort of educational thing should be run but not just on shares but shares and stocks ISAs. But also so Monzo can go “we’ve done all we possibly can do educate our users”. It would be very interesting to know what the number of downloads for the prospectus were and match that to the number of investors…

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #278

Yeah I’m not nessasarily saying it’s a bad thing but I get the impression some people have jumped in on the hype without fully understanding it all.

I’m already seeing people slate Monzo for various things to do with this round, so I fear there is more to come. Some of the news articles leading up to this were bad enough.

(Tim) #279

Totally disagree or was"crystal clear" in those sources.
It says"up to 20m", but there’s no indication of first come first served… As someone who hasn’t done this before that’s the clarity I would have liked.

You live and learn, so I now know this is essentially a race.

(Excited about Christmas) #280

If it says “up to £20m”, and it reaches £20m, would you expect it to go higher?

(Stuart) #281

Cant see why people feel they missed out I got up late this morning as luckily I’m a company director so it has its perks.

I didn’t rush and had read the prospectus.

It must have been nearly midday and I still got my money in there was plenty left

(Excited about Christmas) #282

It looked like plenty, but half an hour later it was gone.


Helllllo, should be here:

(Excited about Christmas) #284

Hi Beth! I think he wanted the full prospectus (me too!). That looks more like a pitch deck…


Yep :sweat_smile: realised after I posted.

poof and gone


THIS is the one

(also suggested linking it somewhere)

(Murray) #287



I also was not instant on the the early access :see_no_evil:

(Tim) #289

Funny guy, thanks.

Look this is clearly a successful and promising product that I didn’t appreciate the demand it’s had. I focused on the end date, noting it was supposed to be over multiple days and then assumed today, at any time, would be ok. I got it wrong.


It’s great to read this…congratulations Monzo…:heart:…I’m just so very disappointed though to miss the chance to invest as it closed so quickly & I couldn’t register for it yesterday as it wouldn’t let me sign up for it…:cry:…but it’s great news u made it…:blush: :heart:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #291

Thanks Beth - it seems quite clear that some people missed out on the funding round , and some didn’t read the offer section of the prospectus having ticked the box (if there was one :slight_smile: ) regarding reading the prospectus before making an offer to purchase, and the link will be a useful reference to what your commitments and rights are regarding the shares and they should have read it and understood it before pressing the button.