You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(David) #292

Damn I was to to slow and missed out. Congratulations Monzo and all successful lucky investors.

Need to put £2k back in my savings account and wait for the next time (#gutted)

(Ray) #293

Has anyone noticed that their Golden Tickets have disappeared since yesterday? Or is this linked to the “give friends £10 in December” promo?

(MikeF) #294

Yes and yes I believe.

(Kieran) #295

Golden tickets are gone in favour of the Christmas referrals.


What they said :point_up:

People are using golden tickets and expecting the referral bonus, so we’re experimenting with removing them.

(Ed) #297

Do golden tickets even have any functionality anymore? I thought it was a queue skip - but that queue no longer exists?

(Ray) #298

I seem to remember that it had been mentioned they’d be used for something else now the waiting list had been cleared.


It’s an easy way to invite someone for now, not everyone had the previous cash referral experiment on their account :blush:

(Harvey Long) #300

So now that I’m an investor, when will I be seeing my shiny new investor card :wink:

(Nick) #301

Seems a very sensible thing to do, and also fixes the long-standing issue some people had with the app in that there could be, I think, up to three places you could click to give a golden ticket!

Would I be right in thinking that it has already been considered internally that once the Christmas promotion is over then instead of bringing back golden tickets, the Christmas referral link will be changed to a general referral (effectively the same as a golden ticket)? I’m I’m wrong, please do consider it for a tidier, cleaner app experience :slight_smile:

(Stephen Spencer) #302

I was the opposite of instant on the early access!


this is the best one

@HoldenCarver, I’m not :100: on that :see_no_evil: Something the growth team is certainly looking into though :+1:

(Nathan) #304

@BethS is the £10 referral link account specific? so will anyone that signs up using the link from my acocunt page be shown in the golden ticket used area in future?

After speaking about getting shares yday ive had a few people interested in signing up on this wonderful new bank ive been piping on about :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #305

I agree but think you should rebrand referrals to golden tickets, its such a great name, and the golden ticket branding is lovely. Feels much nicer than a referral and could be rebramded for special occasions like xmas.

The UI for referrals is much better though and I domt think you really need the special golden ticket links any more.


They are account specific, because they’re based on the previous logic used for the £5 cash referral, where both the referrer and referred gets the payment.

I don’t think you can see in app who you’ve referred on this experiment, though.

(Tom Purcell) #307

Anecdotal but on the ios app store, Monzo is now the second highest trending app. I can see a large influx with the recent media interest (especially the Which? results).

(Tom) #308

It’s third overall in the Finance category, too (behind PayPal and Barclays) :+1:

(Dan) #309

They’re currently #66 in the Free Top Charts on the App Store too.

(Tom) #310

Side bar - the new App Store layout is a hot mess! The Categories option is buried way down the page!

(Dav) #311

I’m confused. Everyone is saying they didn’t get a notification, but I definitely did. Can’t remember what it said, but it came about 9:30.

Perhaps it’s because I read the prospectus and registered interest previously?

Seems unlikely they’d split test something like this, but you never know…