You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Dan Mullen) #252

I hope no-one thinks I’m knocking this crowdfunding at all. I think it’s amazing how quickly the £20m target was reached. I just hope everyone is fully aware of the type of investment they’ve made as I’ve read lots of posts from people who want to know the current share price, how they can sell them, etc.

(Steve) #253

Thing is it’s not £50 each either. You can’t split your allocation so you have to sell them all!

(Excited about Christmas) #254

Probably no-one today, but as non-liquid shares bought with money I’ve written off, that’s what they are worth to me. I can’t replace them easily, so to get them off me, you’d need to pay my 5-year return, which I estimate at £50. The alternatives are to find someone selling for less, or wait the five years, by which time I think they will be changing hands for £50.

(Dan Mullen) #255

@rarther I would fully expect the next round to be higher. But that has no bearing on what the valuation could be if and when the opportunity comes around to sell them.

(Excited about Christmas) #256

That is true, but you still agree a price per share.

(Excited about Christmas) #257

The point is that you CAN trade today. They are not listed, but if you can find your own buyer, you can sell at whatever price they will pay. Given the number of people who are gutted at missing out at £7.71, clearly the shares are worth more.

(Is Santa here yet?) #258

Wouldn’t say £50 though. Maybe £10 to some people

Another round or IPO next?

(Dan Mullen) #259

I can see a further round of crowdfunding before any IPO. Looks like the demand is there.

(Excited about Christmas) #260

£10 would be a fair value if you needed the money today (in which case it was probably the wrong investment), but if you’ve written it off (as you should have), then you’re better off looking at the longer term, in which I think £50 is perfectly reasonable.

In terms of further rounds, I would quote my earlier post:

(Is Santa here yet?) #261

At the end of the day they’re worth whatever someone wants to pay for them so your £50 is as reasonable a suggestion as my £10 :grin:

(Dan Mullen) #262

I can’t think of any investment where you go into it writing your money off. Worrying :roll_eyes:

(Is Santa here yet?) #263

All investments have a your capital is at risk statement. You hope it will all go well but you have to keep that possibility in mind. Stock market crashes do happen and if it does the day before you get your pension it’s all gone. Due diligence and crossed fingers

(Dan Mullen) #264

I completely agree @Rat_au_van , but surely no-one in their right mind would jump into an investment writing their capital off on day one?!

(Excited about Christmas) #265

Well not completely, obviously, but if there’s any chance of you needing the money before the exit, it’s the wrong investment.

(Dan Mullen) #266

Well that’s different, if you are talking about locking your money away then I agree.

(Excited about Christmas) #267

I do wonder how many of the 33k investors know how strong that lock is :thinking:

(Is Santa here yet?) #268

There was a quiz

I studied hard

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #269

Reading some of the comments and questions from people AFTER they’ve invested does really concern me.

I also wonder what effect this will have on Monzo further down the line for putting the spotlight on investment when generally it’s more low-key.


Fantastic so quick. A lot of people believe in Monzo . If we now go full Monzo, that will make the company we have invested in even better… I believe in Monzo

(Is Santa here yet?) #271

Any way of encouraging first time investors must be welcomed. It’s an elitist world historically and if it makes it more mainstream then that’s a good thing. I don’t think most of the comments lacked awareness that they were locked in for a long time but when you hear of stocks in the news it’s to do with fluctuations. Since the price has risen since the last raise I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think maybe those fluctuations happen behind the scenes occasionally and that will be reflected somewhere