You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Dave) #211

Mine on iOS was grey until I changed the category :wink:

(Jack) #212

I changed the category from general to finances.

(Michael) #213

10:00 here too.

(Neil) #214



At the hotel in Mexico, I handed my card to the concierge so he could put it on file. He said he had seen a few cards like this. He also said its not Hot Coral - he described it as Mutant Salmon :smiley:

(Excited about Christmas) #216

Just remember all - my shares are all still available for £50 each! No notifications, no prospectus, just a nice easy transfer. Form an orderly queue…

(Simon Clayton) #217

There are a few of us old farts around who have built up 40 or 50 years of frustration with the high street banks. Then Monzo introduced us to a new world of banking. I absolutely love Monzo and all it stands for. However I am not too techy and would have loved a more user friendly way to access the crowdfunding. Somebody remarked that if we missed out it was because we weren’t sufficiently dedicated to being a loyal Monzo investor and then decried the idea of push notifications. Point taken but if there is a next time wouldn’t it be simple just to allow Monzo users to opt in in advance? Along the lines of “I have read the prospectus and please send me the link upon opening of the offer”


I think that’s great feedback for the future.

I wonder, though, how many more rounds might Monzo need to do? Probably a good topic of conversation for a new thread!

(Excited about Christmas) #219

I would think it would be minimal now. It’s taken over a year to plan this one, and they have transformed the business in that time. Now that they have marginal profitability, they can start to expand using their own money, and keep dilutions down. Also if they did the next one at day £3-5bn, it would be harder to see a large multiple of growth before IPO. Saying all that, it does seem as though people are willing to invest in Monzo relatively blindly, which is slightly surreal.

(Vitali) #220

There’s not really a way to transfer ownership right now is there?


@vitali Not unless there is an exceptional circumstance. You would need to get in touch with Crowdcube to see if they can put a request through to :mondo:

But even if there was I wouldn’t be paying £50 considering they’re worth £7.71 :joy:

(Dan) #222

I was pretty eager to invest in this round, I had my doubts as to whether Monzo/Crowdcube could handle the traffic, but it was an incredibly painless experience. Well done all!


Just assign the beneficial interest and you’re done!

(Hugh Wells) #224

Yes :slight_smile: We all have share options which depend on when you joined the company :+1:

(AllanW) #225

Congrats from me too! Anyone know when or how we’ll get this?

(MikeF) #226

In time. Wait…

(Gareth) #227

(Obligatory repost)

(Tim) #228

Hey Monzo

Just come home from work and about to invest in this great product and don’t see any links… And you blog days you’re done 20m… Congrats, but the blog had said there was over a week to do this, it didn’t say there was a limit, just a target. Really disappointed!

(Duncan) #229

There is a dedicated thread where people do exchanges.

(MikeF) #230

…but only if you can satisfy Crodcube that the circumstances are exceptional.