You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!

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What I meant more was having a trigger in Monzo’s IFTTT that was " cash" and having the ability to differentiate between cash and salary so that it could go automatically in the relevant pot if you wanted.
Alternatively I wondered if there is something in the Open Banking API that would allow you to do the same from a legacy bank and automatic transfer the money over to Monzo(But I don’t think this is the case).

(Jack) #427

Metro bank are good for cash deposits via post office. You can open an account online.


I don’t remember them making any indication that this was the plan. It sounded fairly final. From everything i’ve read cash deposits doesn’t look to be a feature they see in the future of banking for them.

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I’ve not read either hence saying maybe. They may well change their mind later on

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How do people that work 9-5 deposit money into regular banks anyway? Natwest in my town is open 9-4, but closed on sundays and close at 2pm on Tuesdays. This leaves me with Saturday… I never go to town so I would have to go into town, park in the car park (£2 for the whole day on weekends) walk over to the bank, stand in a queue and then deposit my cash) let’s ignore the fuel cost because that’s a bit petty but with the car park charge that’s already more expensive than me walking into the co-op on my estate and saying “can you top this card up” and handing them the cash.

£1 and 5mins detour
or £2 plus fuel and 45 mins out of my saturday


At the post office for free through every other bank account I have except Monzo.

All the post offices around me close at 5.30pm and are open on Saturday.

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@Chapuys And the ones based in local shops are often open until late through the week.

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Oddly our local, inside shop Post Office is open till 5:30 despite the shop being open till 8:30.

(Peter Shillito) #434

The main post office in Crewe is inside a Smiths now and is open normal shop times, although they do open on Sundays sometimes too. However, there’s a number of shops open until late that do post office services. I paid money into my Starling account at 6pm on a Sunday night from my nearest McColls which has a post office till. The shop’s open until 11pm and I wouldn’t be surprised if I could pay in until that time too.

EDIT: Thinking about it, there’s a Spar slightly out of town where I’ve posted a parcel shortly before they closed at 11pm. They would also work if the people trained on using the post office terminal isn’t in at the McColls.

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I don’t.

I keep it as part or full payment towards my next purchase, with the remainder going on card. It goes pretty quick if you do weekly grocery shops :slight_smile:

(Charlie) #436

Personally, a £1 fee for the convenience alone is fine.

I would however like to see Paypoint educating merchants and informing them that it is indeed possible to top up a bank card.

I got a weird look when I first did it and said “no honest it works you just top it up” and the cashier tried it like normal and it worked but I know a lot of other people have had more difficult cashiers.

(Alex Barrett) #437

Have been using this more recently and have never had any problems.
What does happen every time though is they try and tap it first then tell me it doesn’t work. I then hand it back and say it works if they swipe it - and it does.

I’ve had couple say “we can’t put money onto a card like that” then a bit of convincing is needed.

Seems it’s nice and simple once swiped though, the instructions come up on the screen for them but there’s a bit of resistance in a few places, especially if there’s a queue.

Loving the fact I can deposit cash at ASDA though, nice big car parks and in and out within a couple of minutes - far quicker than any other bank!

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Monzo are challenging traditional banks and making the banking experience better for a lot of people. That is to be applauded. However, IMHO, introducing a fee for depositing cash is not the sort of “disruption” to the banking industry that is helpful for customers.

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Would you rather use the Post Office over Paypoint if it cost more?

If anything I’d be more annoyed to pay £1+ to use the exact same service/exact same location as I can with my legacy bank.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #441

The Post Office is also in discussion with UK banks to renegotiate the deal to offer banking services after revealing it makes a loss from the current arrangement.


(Jack) #442

All I see happening is people complaining it costs more than PayPoint for the same service.

Based on the quote above I can’t see how it it could match the £1 fee currently charged, especially if you look at other banks which pass on the post office fee.

The only issue for me with PayPoint is the deposit limits & the lack of staff awareness.

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Its a pity there is no such thing as a Smart deposit box for ATMs

(Al) #444

Nationwide & Santander offer it for their own customers! - Well handy when you work 9-5 (Envelope is approved next morning when the branch opens!)

(NM) #445

Yeah its a pity none of the independent ATM companies can do something.