You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!

(Al) #444

Nationwide & Santander offer it for their own customers! - Well handy when you work 9-5 (Envelope is approved next morning when the branch opens!)


(NM) #445

Yeah its a pity none of the independent ATM companies can do something.


(Edward) #446

For First Direct: go to any HSBC-operated ATM and deposit cash directly into the account.


(Kevyn) #447

The point was 9-5. I work a 7-5 and can use the post office on a weekday and at the weekend. I pass 3 on the home from work, all in newsagents.

Again, my views on paying for depositing are well known for socio-economic reasons of the area of the UK that I live in. I will not rehash them.


(Dan Mullen) #448

I agree - not sure if you misread. I meant Post Office counters based in local shops (not PayPoint).


(Tony Hoyle) #449

When paypoint was announced I thought it was a great idea as there are loads of them… but it seems that attempting to deposit cash means a potential argument with a shopkeeper so to me that’s out - I have a low threshold for hassle when it comes to these things.

Given the local post office has one counter and last time I needed a postal order it took 40 minutes during my lunch hour due to the queues, I don’t really see it as an option for cash deposits.

Not an urgent need for me, but I still would like somewhere to deposit cash so a solution to the problem in the future - legacy banks have all closed their branches here except Barclays (I expect they’ll be gone in the next year) so there’s a bit of an untapped market for whoever works it out.


(Daniel Smith) #450

Just went to my local coop and it worked great, no issues and got the notification instantly! Even my girlfriend was impressed!


(TWM) #451

I remember once I had to deposit money in Santander but Thier machine had ran out of envelopes, luckily enough I was also a nationwide customer and the branch was directly across the street, so across I pop and got a deposit envelope which I then used in the Santander machine… :grinning::grinning::grinning: (It may have been abbey national at the time) I was a regular customer at the time and the next time I was in they told me that they found it very funny…


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(Mauro Couto) #452

Good idea, but… Nice let’s go Asda not far from home, they have PayPoint let’s try this out… minutes later we don’t do that here, we only have a license for gas, water and electricity the very nice lady nearly killed me and every one around looked at me like I asking for an atomic bombs.
OK maybe the very polite lady don’t know how to do it, let’s try another PayPoint… Fk he’ll it’s not my lucky day. Yep!!! A very nice idea.