You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!

Nationwide & Santander offer it for their own customers! - Well handy when you work 9-5 (Envelope is approved next morning when the branch opens!)

Yeah its a pity none of the independent ATM companies can do something.

For First Direct: go to any HSBC-operated ATM and deposit cash directly into the account.

The point was 9-5. I work a 7-5 and can use the post office on a weekday and at the weekend. I pass 3 on the home from work, all in newsagents.

Again, my views on paying for depositing are well known for socio-economic reasons of the area of the UK that I live in. I will not rehash them.


I agree - not sure if you misread. I meant Post Office counters based in local shops (not PayPoint).

When paypoint was announced I thought it was a great idea as there are loads of them… but it seems that attempting to deposit cash means a potential argument with a shopkeeper so to me that’s out - I have a low threshold for hassle when it comes to these things.

Given the local post office has one counter and last time I needed a postal order it took 40 minutes during my lunch hour due to the queues, I don’t really see it as an option for cash deposits.

Not an urgent need for me, but I still would like somewhere to deposit cash so a solution to the problem in the future - legacy banks have all closed their branches here except Barclays (I expect they’ll be gone in the next year) so there’s a bit of an untapped market for whoever works it out.


Just went to my local coop and it worked great, no issues and got the notification instantly! Even my girlfriend was impressed!

I remember once I had to deposit money in Santander but Thier machine had ran out of envelopes, luckily enough I was also a nationwide customer and the branch was directly across the street, so across I pop and got a deposit envelope which I then used in the Santander machine… :grinning::grinning::grinning: (It may have been abbey national at the time) I was a regular customer at the time and the next time I was in they told me that they found it very funny…

Good idea, but… Nice let’s go Asda not far from home, they have PayPoint let’s try this out… minutes later we don’t do that here, we only have a license for gas, water and electricity the very nice lady nearly killed me and every one around looked at me like I asking for an atomic bombs.
OK maybe the very polite lady don’t know how to do it, let’s try another PayPoint… Fk he’ll it’s not my lucky day. Yep!!! A very nice idea.


I remember @nickrw mentioning at looking at decreasing the 10 minute wait time on deposits a while back. Not a deal breaker by any means but curious if there has been any progress?

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It was a PayPoint thing if I recall so I don’t know how much Monzo will know but I’d hope they’d be told if it was going to disappear.

this is why im moving with starling bank, way higher limits and no fees!!

If Starling meet your needs better then that is the right decision for you

I myself have not paid in cash for several years and moved to Monzo after a brief interlude with Starling as I prefer how they operate

Starling making different choices in this regard is not really a slight on Monzo while both need to make a profit, but apparently we need to avoid tone policing so I will just say welcome to the community


I’m limited to £700 within the 6 months… why is that?

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Does it say 700 then underneath 700 remaining?
Are you under 18?


I’ve been a Monzo user since May 2016 and I’ve just had to deposit cash for the first time.

I was incredibly anxious about

  • The possibility they would have no clue what I was talking about and I’d look like a tit
  • It wouldn’t work and I’d look like a tit
  • My card wouldn’t swipe and I’d look like a tit (the stripe’s knackered)

But no, it was seamless, instant notification in the app. It was such a one off that the fee’s not something that bothers me. So relieved and it was so convenient.

Thanks Monzo :raised_hands:


Can someone please help me out? I tried to deposit £200 at a PayPoint kiosk yesterday and I was told that I could only deposit £100 at any one time so to deposit the whole £200 I was charged £2 in fees, £1 per transaction. Is this correct that I can only deposit £100 at any time? I thought I could deposit up to £500 per transaction…

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Hello Catherine :wave:

It sounds like the Paypoint operator was a bit confused. The maximum for any one transaction £300.

If you message Monzo chat from within the app and explain what has happened, they’ll refund that extra £1 for you.



I went to my local shop to try and put money into my Monzo account using PayPoint. We’re pretty good pals and we figured it out together.

All the cashier needs to do is.

  1. Swipe card your card.

  2. Then it comes up with how much money you want to put in. They select your desired amount.

  3. You give the money over.

  4. If they need to give you change there is another step. Which I believe is simple but I didn’t need to do this.

  5. You’ll get a notification immediately. The cashier gives you a receipt.

  6. 10 mins later your’ll get a notification saying it’s now in your account.

If anyone wants me to take pictures of the PayPoint screen and explain this in more detail just let me know.



Nice one Callum.
It would be interesting to see the PayPoint screen (if you’re allowed) just to see how simple it is for shop workers.

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