PayPoint Fiasco

I want to preface this thread by saying that I no longer have a high-street current account and that Monzo is my main bank. I’ve used PayPoint before to deposit money into my account, it worked like a charm and I am not particularly bothered about the £1 transaction fee.

That said, this weekend was my birthday and as a result of that, I was given a considerable amount of money in the form of cash.

I wanted to get that money into my account but noticed the ‘£1,000 every 180 days’ deposit limit. As such, my plan was to split the money between me and my partner. I would pay half into my account and then she would pay the other half into her account and then send the money over to me.

The first problem arose when the local corner shop could only process £100 at a time whereas shops like Tesco and Co-Op are able to process £300 at a time.

As such, I went to a Co-Op and had to split the first half of the money into four separate transactions, totaling £8 in fees for my four transactions and my partner’s four transactions. My four transactions went through without a hitch, it was swift and simple.

Then it was my partners turn, she was able to process two transactions before the PayPoint system in the shop locked up. After half an hour, multiple attempts and two phone calls by the shop attendant to PayPoint, we eventually gave in and went to a different Co-Op.

None of the tills at that the second Co-Op worked as the system was offline and so we decided to go to a Tesco.

Lack of training and understanding caused further problems there as the attendant counted and collected all the money beforehand and stored it in a safe that they couldn’t access to get the money back out of. She was able to process one transaction and then the system entered a ‘disabled’ mode.

After 10 minutes of re-trying and troubleshooting, the attendant attempted to call PayPoint, however at that time, their offices were shut, and lines closed.

With my money firmly locked away in the shop safe, the attendant had to empty four tills of cash to give my money back (£100 of which was in £1 and £2 coins).

Feeling severely defeated and fed-up with the whole process, we took to one last shop (another Co-Op) and were able to process the final two transactions without a hitch.

The experience took around three hours, cost me £8 in transaction fees and left me pretty skeptical about the whole process. It also doesn’t help that none of the attendants understand how PayPoint works and as was described to me, all they get in their ‘training’ is a booklet and told to read it and phone if they have questions.

Fortunately, the first Co-Op attendant I spoke to is also a Monzo user and so had some experience with this before, however, it didn’t prove to be very helpful in the end.

I am huge advocate of Monzo and it makes me unhappy to complain, but with PayPoint being an important feature of Monzo because it’s the only method of paying cash into your account, these issues have given me some serious doubts on it’s reliability.

My issues are (in order of importance):

  1. Why do stores have limits of how much money they can accept. I could understand an upper limit of £1000’s, but £100 / £300 is ridiculous.

  2. Why are we, as Monzo customers, only able to deposit £1,000 every 180 days? This again seems very low for a 6 month period.

  3. Every experience I’ve had with PayPoint, bar one, has been the attendant not knowing how the system works and me having to teach them with trial and error so that they can process my deposit.

I’d really appreciate some answers regarding this.

Thank you!

TLDR: Stores don’t know how to use PayPoint and limits enforced by Monzo and PayPoint restrict depositing any sizable amount of money into your account.


The £300 at a time is for all stores. Start an in app chat to get them refunded


Because of the risk profile they are willing to accept, I’d guess. If I were a shopkeeper, I’d not want someone handing me thousands of pounds (potentially) to look after and bank for them.

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Money laundering precaution.

Thank you, I have opened a chat in the app.

Any ideas as to why the £1,000 limit is enforced by Monzo?


I’m not sure really. I have seen it said that the plan when adding the ability to pay in cash via pay point was to help people who got cash as a gift. For most people that would be a few hundred max. You must have a huge family, I got £50 for my last birthday :sweat_smile:

Also people have said money laundering but I don’t know if that’s speculation or a thing that was officially said at some stage


Hey there @DanielH :wave:
Happy belated birthday for a start :tada:

Secondly, I’d really like to apologise for such a poor customer experience. It’s not what we want at all, and although some of the issues you’ve highlighted sound like they are down to the partner stores, ultimately it’s still our responsibility since it’s our feature.

Thanks for providing such a high level of detail of your experience. Whilst an edge case, I think it does effectively highlight the issues that folks may run into with the service, and it’s absolutely something we hope to address.

With regards to you having to pay repeated fees, due to the workarounds and hoops you had to jump through, I’d strongly recommend that you pop us a message in the in-app chat and ask for it to be raised to the Customer Advocacy team so that we can do a proper investigation and hopefully resolve this in a way that you’re happy with.

I do think we are now getting to a point where we need to address some of the questions you have asked around the limits, so I’m also going to raise this internally for you to see where we’re at with this.

Thanks again for the post, and we massively appreciate you being a #FullMonzo customer :hot_coral_heart:


Thank you, Simon. Really appreciate the message and glad to hear that it will be looked in to in some form.

Totally understand and appreciate that not much can be done about the policies and issues with the stores themselves, that’s out of your control and I don’t think anything can be done about it. I just wanted to share my experience and give the full picture.

That said, it would be great to find out why the limits that are enforced by PayPoint and Monzo are there to see if there are legitimate reasons for them or if they were just an oversight at the time. Like Emma said, perhaps I am using PayPoint in a way that it wasn’t intended to be used. Granted, it’s not every day I’ll be depositing large sums of money via PayPoint, but I now know for sure I can’t for the next 6 months!

I’ve opened a chat with the team in the app so I’ll see what they say and will report back.

Thank you again.


Ugh what a mess. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You could open a Starling account, pay in up to £20,000 a day in cash at main post offices for free, then transfer to Monzo. No silly limits, no silly £1 fee each deposit. Always good to have a backup.



Thank you for the suggestion but I become ‘Full Monzo’ for a reason, I’d rather not open another bank just to work around this issue.


Maybe this PayPoint experience might help you decide if you’ve made the right choice or not…


Can I ask the reason? Is it just to simplify?


Monzo is the spearhead of fin-tech banks and every other business just feels like a cheap rip-off in my honest opinion. Whilst I’ve not spent the time to investigate other banks, I don’t feel the need to ‘shop around’ when I’ve found one I love that offers what I need.

Like anything that is new, it has it’s flaws and my post was created to identify one of them and attempt to resolve it. Am I going to leave Monzo or open another bank account just so I can deposit money properly on the rare occasion I need to? Certainly not.

Further to that, simplification is definitely a factor as I do not like the idea of having multiple banks with money everywhere.


Fair do’s.

I’d love to just have Monzo, but currently they don’t have cheque imaging, don’t report to all CRAs and I plan to remortgage next year, have made a mess of loans, made a mess of depositing cash, have poor interest rates, no cashback on DDs, inconsistent chat support and more.

There’s also the issues they have from still being newish like Asda blocking Monzo bin range so getting stuck without fuel which pisses me off. Also when MasterCard has issues you have Visa to fallback to by having another.


This is why you have a separate account elsewhere. Just in case.


That sort of assessment is all just each user’s personal opinion on feature provision and their risk threshold and account use, isn’t it? It doesn’t translate automatically to others.

A deal breaker for one of us is a non-issue to another. :man_shrugging:


Not sure how your solution of Starling as a back up would solve these issues


I have NatWest too, they pay cashback on DDs, have app ATM withdrawals, easy cheque paying in, and a Visa card, and reports to all three CRAs.

Starling has goals with interest, post office deposits, I link it to Marcus for currently 1.5%.

Monzo has budgeting and a nicer app. :man_shrugging: :thinking:

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I want to be very careful not to derail this thread, I created it for a legitimate reason and don’t want it to turn into Starling v Monzo.

That said, my loyalty definitely lies with Monzo and I don’t think people should be marketing competitors on the dedicated Monzo forum.

Monzo has it’s problems like any other product does, but it’s not going to get any better if the argument for any problem is just “Use a different bank”.


It’s more a case of use as many products as you need to solve your personal circumstances, that maybe one or ten. But company loyalty seems silly imho, doesn’t matter if that’s banks or Xbox/psx or Apple/Google.

It’s good to list competitors, competition is good.

I don’t want to derail it anymore and I appreciate the thread as hopefully it gets fedback to Monzo that they need to up their game around the depositing cash experience and limits.