Year of transaction

(Gareth) #1

It’s been over a year with Monzo, can you tell from my first top up? :wink:

I don’t see as much reason to show the current year, but for things over a year old or from last year?
Once you have several years of data to search, I think it will be more noticeable.

But then again, I think I’m the first to notice & care…

(MikeF) #2

Perhaps you are but I also think you’re correct in your caring. It may even be OK for the first 2 years but we’ll surely reach this point eventually.

(Hugh) #3

And especially if you are searching through transactions, if you only pay in say 2 cheques every year that will be very noticeable.


+1 from me, well over a year of transactions in my Monzo tineline now, and as I’ve mixed transactions between Monzo and legacy accounts until the Monzo Current Account was available, I can’t tell which September or November a transaction was made in, 2016 or 2017!

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #6

Hey everyone :wave: Thanks for flagging this! We’ve now fixed it and will be shipping in the next app update.

(Gareth) #8

Found the same issue on Spending tab (for Android), only just noticed as someone mentioned you scroll for historical bank statements