Year Abroad with Mondo

Since prepaid cards were introduced, or popularised, I have used them on holidays abroad. In particular the Caxton FX currency card. I plan to take a year out and travel the world (at least 12 countries) and would have continued to use the FX card as they do have competitive rates but now tempted to use the Mondo card instead.

Is anyone else planning something similar? Some the new features in the ‘sneak peak’ section look like they would help with biggest issue I could see, managing my travel budget.

Which bit of the world are you going to? We’ve had a reasonably good time using mondo around Latin America. Main issues :

  • For some reason, Chilean POS terminals don’t accept mondo at all
  • the 1000 pounds cash withdrawal limit can be very tricky
  • mondo fraud rules can mean it is a bit picky with some older ATMs; also, the Argentina RED network worked only sporadically

We took a Caxton card with us as well as back up. Fun travels!

Still to decide exact locations but central Africa (Zimbabwe, Rwanda), south east Asia and South America.