Mondo works in North Africa!(Morocco to be exact!)

(Kal Mba) #1

Just come back from using Mondo in morocco. It was absolutely fantastic just to see the difference i used another card called Caxtonfx which is a currency exchange card which converts your balance to the local currency where you are.

Using both Mondo absolutely trumped caxton not only was the fee for using money better but when you pay it alerts you in 2-5 mins while caxton took 2 days to show up.

I hope this stays the same as Mondo gets bigger as for hassle free usage i am in AWE!

the only issue was that on transaction it was like i got charged twice but i contacted the help factor an it was resolved in about 6 hours.

apart from that exceptional!1

(Ross) #2

That’s great news. I travel to Thailand and then Abu Dhabi come Thursday so I will be able to give an update on that also

(Tristan Thomas) #3

That’s really awesome! How was the merchant information in Morocco out of interest? I imagine it was a bit patchy?

(Kal Mba) #4

@ross_o please do as i am going to abu-dhabi in maywould be of great help! :slight_smile:

@tristan correct the merchant info was a bit patchy but Leah was fantastic with info when i got charge twice and so was James when i inquired about the master card rate. One thing that would beat all other banks is customer service nail that and loyalty will never wavier!:sunglasses::tada:

(Ross) #5

Not a problem. I’ll keep you posted as and when I use the card :+1:t2:

(louay) #6

I have used my mondo card in Turkey. It also worked without problems. However, merchant info were useless.

(Ross) #7

Just used in Abu Dhabi airport with no issues :+1:t2: chip and pin

(Kal Mba) #8

Awesome!:tada: that’s great cant wait for my trip now!


The Moroccan Dirham is a restricted currency.

Most foreign cards work fine in hotels and you should be able to get cash from ATMs, although they may run out of notes on national holidays.

Credit Agricole and Attijariwafa Bank have easiest to use menus. The ATMs of banks BMCE and Banque Populaire seem to ask additional questions and take an extremely long time to respond, so perhaps only use if other ATMs unavailable. Many foreign cards don’t work at the Global Exchange store at Tangiers Airport, so it may be useful to have some cash at in GBP (or EUR) when entering the country.