Google Home Max (UK Release)

Out now for £399. I really want one, but… That’s a lot of money. Gonna have to save up in my Coin Jar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I’m going to be more the Google Home Display and Google Home Mini type.

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Hmm… I’m going to need to buy a bigger house.

I want two of them on opposite ends of my living room and I also want a Google Home Display. In other words, I want my house to be a super smart home :sweat_smile:

Although technically, with Max, you’d only really need one of them.

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Was confused as to why I got emailed about this the other day - then I realised - they’ve only just been released in the UK?!

May have to get my hands on one sometime, although I feel the Google Home 2 is not far out or something similar to that?


I wouldn’t expect a Home 2 to have drastically better sound than the original Google Home though (not that the Home sound is bad, it’s just not the same product as Max)

I tested a Home Max in a Verizon store in Minneapolis back in April (obviously with some Prince!) and it sounded absolutely incredible.

I think it’s very much a niche product compared to Google Home and Home Mini (which, at the price, should really be in everyone’s homes) but for audiophiles it’s a no brainer. No reason to buy a SONOS etc. Have the Home Max in your living room, perhaps a regular Home in your bedroom, a Home Display in your kitchen and then several Home Minis dotted around the other rooms.

I’m halfway there at least! Perhaps this time next year I’ll have the Max and a Display added in.

Huh, right, totally forgot about that!


What’s your opinion on, for example, w/ Google Assistant built in?

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Haven’t personally listened to it so it’s hard to tell, but it seems that JBL have a wide range of speaker options with Google Assistant built in at different price ranges, so that can only be a good thing!

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Just saw these in the store yesterday. Fantastic to see different OEMs using Assistant in their speakers.


Aye, it’s really picking up.

LG in particular seem very cosy with Google at the moment.

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I bought a Max! They are 50% off right now at Argos and maybe the Google Store as well - down to £199 from £399 - bargain!!!

Here it is in all it’s glory. It sounds incredible.


Having to try so so so hard to not pull the trigger with this deal

I got mine when they first came out but tempted to buy a second to pair them up for stereo awesomeness

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Looks fantastic and sounds even better :heart_eyes:

I couldn’t resist, with £75 of Play Store credit I had to buy one :laughing:

Really glad I did, the sound that this thing pumps out is phenomenal :grin: Google did well with this speaker :sunglasses:


Mines at home… Delivered today

Only an hour to go!


So, like @nexusmaniac I had £75 off the already discounted £200 because I pre-ordered the Pixel 3 so it worked out to £125 - bargain.

Really liking it so far, need to figure out how I’m going to use it in junction with the home hub also in my room - e.g. if I say “hey Google what’s the weather today” the max will tell me, I would have thought the home hub would tell me as that’s the one with the display!


The deal didn’t last long… glad i jumped on it straight away! I wonder how many extra units Google sold in those 2 or 3 days…


They were shipping them out super quick, I know @nexusmaniac got his next day

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Makes me wonder whether there will be a speaker refresh at IO this year and they were clearing stock.

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