Xiaomi's UK Launch

(John Biondini) #23

I did look into it but I wasn’t sure as some people were complaining about reliability are you using it?
To be honest I am waiting because at the moment I am renting and I do want to get a bridge for every accessory.

(Valeri) #24

I mean you can give it a quick try it using any existing machine - installing npm & npm packages should take you just a few minutes :slight_smile: (obviously if you don’t have an always on machine - there are cheap alternatives like the RaspberyPi Zero out there, you should probably play with it first before biting into that though)


Xiaomi launch event… £20off voucher at 12pm and £1 phone?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Valeri) #26

I’m assuming they are going to have a “first 10 pieces for £1” or something similar you know to build up hype and brand awareness :slight_smile:

Good luck getting it, it is probably going to be harder than snatching good seats for popular gig :laughing:


I watched the countdown and tried to get a £1 phone but somehow missed out. The counter seemed to end and almost instantly it was Sold Out… I figure there are probably only a couple at £1

Still a couple more tries.


Don’t bother with the flash sale, the terms and conditions says

But if you really want a chance, register, login, find the purchase page for the phone, wait until 1 minute before and then refresh refresh refresh and add to basket if it says £1. Good luck! :joy:


I managed to pick up a Xiaomi Mi A2 for £160 and it is excellent, much better than my Samsung phones of old. The phone comes with Android one which is a plus and some decent specs. Who cares if the Chinese are caching all of my data :yum:

Note: not UK edition and required buying a new charging cable! Oh no…