XBOX Series X

I suspect that’s why they’re doubling down on it. At the very least it demonstrates consistent application of the rules, and that companies as big as Microsoft are treated the same as solo developers. It’s frustrating, and Apple could and should be willing to adapt their rules when future innovations sprout up, both from big and small guys. To backdown at this moment would suggest bigger companies have more power to force change would contradict apple’s argument of treating all developers the same.

It’s not different, and this argument seems like a misunderstanding of Apple’s statement. I strongly recommend reading the article I linked to at daring fireball, as that provides a superb break down and translates the statement into something easier for us humans to actually digest and understand.

I hope people keep making noise over this so it doesn’t get forgotten and ignored, because ultimately it’s us as customer that lose out. While I admire what the App Store represents and has done for the industry, the fact it’s necessary for noise to incite such change suggest a real problem with how the App Store is run in 2020. I don’t think it’s anti-competitive per se, but the limitations are becoming more prudent and as mobile and cloud software tech is advancing. Apple really ought to rethink their approach on the App Store. They can certainly evolve and change it for the better, without losing any of what makes the App Store fantastic and safe for end users.

Just read it.

Not sure it’s a misunderstanding. Gruber says it’s beside the point as far as Apple are concerned, but still says it shows their argument to be BS no? As they literally could review every game if they wanted given game pass has about 100.

So their stance is simply game streaming isn’t allowed, and with no good justification.

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Perhaps I misunderstood your comment then. My apologies.

But yes,

This is pretty much what it boils down to.

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No stress, I know what you mean. But yeah think we’re in agreement on the position.

Really do hope they evolve and change as you say - surely can’t be a tenable stance for that long with game streaming set to become pretty main stream over the next few years.

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Yh but nothing can rival “Apple Arcade” :joy: :joy: :joy:


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Anyone here planning to pick up Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox, or played the beta?

Curious to hear people’s experiences with the game on Xbox, and how the community feels about no Spider-Man on Xbox. I’ve only recently during lockdown started to get into the MCU, so was looking forward to this game, but Spider-Man was my favourite character.

Lost interest as soon as console exclusivity was announced, imo exclusivity has no place in 3rd party games and Playstation are a nightmare for it


I’m not but also very sad re Spider-Man in general. Desperate to play the Spider-Man game itself but alas :mask:


For me, Avengers looks a bit off… boring even? :worried:

Love X-Men Legends / Ultimate Alliance games so hope I’m wrong.

I skipped the last generation of consoles but ready to take the plunge with the Xbox. Hopefully by the time I complete the Master Chief Collection on Game Pass, Halo Infinite will be upon us!

Played the beta and yeah… won’t be buying it unless they make some serious improvements to it. Such a shame as well!

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Played the beta very okayish.

GAAS not really for me - I love the impressions of its great with mates.

My friends buy 2 games a year - Fifa and COD. Find it difficult to get them to buy anything else and personally I don’t want to be shackled to games.

Will pick it up next year probably for £10 - hopefully spidey is added to xbox by then. Ridiculous decision to lock him just to PlayStation.

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For the most part, I enjoy them, but they’re very demanding over regular games. I have a hard enough time juggling Destiny, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite as it is. There are plenty of other live service games that look great and I’d love to get into, but I just don’t have the time unless I sacrifice one of the games I already love.

I’m a bigger fan of the episodic approach to games in order to increase their longevity and replayability. Where every couple of months, they’ll add new content, or a new event, that you’ll pop on to play and then move on to something else. Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and Sea of Thieves are great examples of that approach.

With Fortnite and Destiny, if I’m not playing those consistently on at least weekly basis, I feel like I’m missing out, and it also makes them harder to get back into after a hiatus.

Every game becoming a live service, just isn’t sustainable.

I’ve got major FOMO with Destiny right now, I’ve not played properly in months because I’ve had so much on at work, juggling house purchase, daughter etc I feel like I’ve missed so much and dreading trying to get back into it after we’ve moved, luckily I have some good friends on the xbox that always help me catch up when I’ve been forced into hiatus but it definitely feels like chore sometimes trying to keep up

I use to love The Division and Borderlands as well but It’s now physically impossible for me to keep up in both Destiny and The Division :frowning: Had to make a choice unfortunately

I feel you! Yesterday was the first I’d played in months. I probably spent more time researching what stuff I’d missed, what stuff I can still do and need, which weapons to works towards etc, than I actually spent playing the game!

I’d been pretty busy during lockdown, and the only game I’d played during that period was Animal Crossing! I wanted to get back into Destiny, but it’s such a daunting process after being away for so long! I was half tempted just to leave it until the expansion, but I’m determined to complete the solstice stuff this year!

With Fortnite, I have this week to complete 9 weeks worth of challenges and get to tier 100 before season 4 drops! I’m not gonna bother and just wait for season 4.

Sea of Thieves is one of the few live service games where I don’t get that FOMO, and can just jump in once or twice every month or so, or when there is an in game event, or a new campaign without too much fuss.

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Seemingly prices have been revealed for the Xbox Series S and X.

$299 for S
$499 for X

I’d imagine this translates $ for £ but if this is pricing is true the S is a great entry point and $499 for the X is about right for a new console.

Hopefully this prompts Sony to reveal their price. 2 months out and next to no information on pricing.

Xbox Have confirmed the Series S pricing

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The Series S looks like something I would go for as I’m no longer that much into gaming so don’t care too much about available resolution

The lack of a disc drive is a bummer though. I have some of my favourite games on discs…

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If it was a phone or something I upgrade more frequently then I’d definitely get the Series S.

But I’ve had a 360/One since launch day both times, so I keep them a fair while. So in 3/4/5 years time when I’ve finally bought a 4K TV, will I regret that my console is stuck in 2020?

Confirmed at £249 in the UK, will be a bargain as a stream machine alongside xCloud!