"Working Days" as options for recurring payments

When I flag a payment as something to be predicted in the summary tab (which is awesome) I can select to have it repeat every X days/weeks/months/years.

For something like petrol, that comes out every 6 working days this prediction goes a bit out of balance throughout the month.

If I could select to repeat every X working days it would vastly improve the accuracy of the summary tab for me.


What happens to Bank Holidays, are they excluded from working days? What about people who do work on BHs? What if you work on a weekend but not on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? Should there be a system where you specify your working days? What happens when you go on a 2 week holiday?

I’m not sure this is the way recurring payments were designed to be used; they are more for regular bills like utilities. That said, never say never, I just think it’s a bit more involved than adding “working days” to the time duration list.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your feedback - of course, simply adding “working days” without a context would not be suitable for some users.

Ideally, I see a calendar in the profile section to set up your working structure. Perhaps this calendar could be useful for other things going forward too?

For bank holidays, personal holidays or even payment breaks it does become more complicated for sure.

I feel the summary tab is one of Monzo’s best features though, its really useful to know what your free spend is, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.


I have just logged in to suggest this, I get a train Monday - Friday but it is cheaper pay every day than get a season ticket. But in my summary it has to assume daily rather than every work day. This means I end up with about £80 an extra in my budget - no a bad thing but it does tell me I am going to run out when I won’t!