Salary payments & budgeting facilities ineffective!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add fortnightly salary payments and to be able to add additional regular Incoming payments.

The Budgeting feature is rendered useless for people who have more than one incoming payment and regular payments that are not paid on the same day.

Isn’t that one of the key features of a Monzo account that makes it stand out from what we’ve been used to?

It makes the budgeting facility useless.

PLEASE address this as it is probably the most valuable feature from Monzo.

I’ve never been paid any other way than monthly. But I think if I were paid more than once a month I’d try setting the summary period to fixed cycles (e.g. 1st to 1st rather than payday to payday) and set custom budget rather than budget based on income. Would this not work for you?

If you do need fortnightly summary periods, there’s already an ideas thread for this

I’m not sure what you mean by add additional regular incoming payments. If I have more than one income payment in a payment cycle they all get classed as income. Perhaps you could explain the issue further and what you think the solution should be.


I thought you could set the budget to restart when your salary gets paid in…? So whether it’s weekly, monthly or every 2 weeks it shouldn’t matter.

Given you can set an outgoing payment as recurring and the left to spend takes it into account, could marking an incoming payment bas recurring have an effect?
Combined with setting up the budget to be four weeks long could this be a stop gap solution for you?
Please vote on the linked request above, I also get paid fortnightly (although without extra payments to complicate things) so would love it to happen as I can only believe the left to spend for half the time.

You can have every week, 4 weeks, or month as summary periods, but not every 2 weeks.