Weekdays only option for daily recurring payments

I wanted to setup a recurring payment for the travel expenses I pay while travelling on the train. But recurring payments only allows me to select every 1 day in Monzo, which means it;ll also project me paying travel over the weekend, which isn’t really the guys because I only travel on the train to work during weekday. Would be good to have a custom option to select weekdays only.



The Google Calendar approach to choosing recurring events is spot on. Please copy it, Monzo :laughing:


I just sent Monzo this exact same request! So far, I’m having to just set a transport budget although it’d be amazing to see this in the next update where you get Mon-Fri repeating payments, I can’t afford to pay for monthly or weekly train/tram tickets to travel to work, so I can only purchase them on the day and not in advance. But it’s still a repeating payment and an option to make it so but only 5 days a week would make predicting payments so much easier in the summary, instead of just a budget for that spending…

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Re: because I think the whole idea of “budgets” is to say what you’d like to allocate your money on spending the following month after a wage is paid – and repeating payments, e.g. daily purchase of tram or train tickets Mon-Fri are repeated so that will be permanent for the foreseeable future. So, the transport budget should be used only to decide a budget on spending money on travel other than the committed spending you’re already doing on it… If that makes sense? Get on it Monzo please, next update do this & I’ll be the happiest guy ever. Currently preventing me getting the most out of Monzo

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Right now I’m using Money Dashboard to manage my budgeting and financial planning. As these features in Monzo are still quite young. I’ll stop relying on Monzo for this until these issues have been addressed.