Work and banking

The Headrow one closed donkeys years back. It’s on Albion street and doesn’t do account openings apparently

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What about Wise or Revolut (with apologies for the latter)?

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Oh, I wasn’t aware. that’s quite odd, as it’s a “flagship” bank

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Both have age limits and the kiddo version doesn’t let you get paid into it


Going to try Santander

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Santander are slow AF. Opened one recently for the switch bribe. How many weeks has it been since that promo started? Because I only just got the last piece of info I needed to access my account online or via the app in the last week.

If Barclays are a no go I’d have probably suggested RBS. The big banks aren’t too bad if they let you apply via the app. RBS are pretty quick as long as you’re not trying to use the old form for the fancier card.


I might well just have to wait for Barclays then and actually go to Middlesbrough? Best way to cancel that application?

The Santander one? Don’t think you can now it’s submitted.

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Going to ask live chat. I’ve the app still from 2019.

Edit the person on live chat has the same name as my manager, it’s a really obscure name too.

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I don’t think it’s her lol. Unless she’s moonlighting at Santander also.

No I meant you and your forum twin replying to each other


You’re far too engrossed in things that don’t matter.

You seem too keen to open an account instantly?

They all do pretty much the same thing and your breakdown of petty reasons why you wouldn’t want to bank somewhere is too long given the desperation.

Revolut is instant, but you’re still a baby so won’t be entitled to an account unless your parents open it for you.

Discount in-person services from any bank as they’re a losing battle.


Okay, one of @N26throwaway and @NanoOp needs a new avatar :joy:


I mean they’re not petty, need a bank with halfway decent service as I’m paying bills and direct debits and need to be able to view it all clearly.

I’m either going to go with Santander or Barclays. They can race each other with the account opening times.

I’d be less worried about the date if I wasn’t needing to input it into an HR portal by end of week coming.

Edit: in November I’ll defect to which out of Starling or Chase have the best perks and stick with them

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Not sure what I’m missing but what’s the barrier to your student account just progressing to a non-student account? You’d surely keep the sort code and account number and just drop the “student part”?

Also, I haven’t quite understood the rush for a new account? Why would your student account be suddenly closed? Or why would you need to close it so quickly?

Just seems like such a rush to give your employer a different sort code and account number by the end of this week. Use your current bank, a student account makes no difference (?) and when you’ve found a new bank change your details? Better than having a manic week trying to get it sorted, no?

I’ve probably missed your point, but from what I remember, Santander opened my account pretty quick.


The equivalent account at my employer and the one I hold the student account with is terrible. I’ll just open Barclays soon.

Have you tried Metro? I don’t know if they offer under 18 accounts but they can print a card in (most) branch.

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They offer an under 18, but its a basic account no direct debits, barebones