Withdrawing cash

(Jordan Holliss) #1

I am just about to order my card however I don’t have the £100 cash myself, I was going to borrow the £100 and then once I receive the monzo card I would withdraw the money and give it back to them, is this possible? I’d like to know before ordering!

(Sacha) #2

Unfortunately you need to pay the £100 cash upfront, there is no borrowing facility available at present.

(Jordan Holliss) #3

I was going to borrow it from a family member, as in they would pay it into my debit account, I would then use that to pay Monzo, then once I recieve my card would I be able to draw the same £100 out to give back to my family member?

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Yes, you can withdraw the £100 immediately from an ATM, to give it back to the person you borrowed it from.

(Tom Warren) #5

I believe he means takes a loan from family/friends so he has the top-up funds to hand. That would work, but then the card is useless with zero balance on it.

(Tom ) #6

What will you do with a card with zero balance?


I assume it wouldn’t be zero balance forever.

(Kevyn) #8

I’m guessing they want the card and will start topping up but with smaller amounts in the future.

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