Wise International Payments - Recipients


One thing that is missing in the International Payments/Wise section of the Monzo app is the ability to delete Payees/Recipients.

This makes for a poor UX because if the Wise account was created by Monzo then users need to:

  1. go to wise.com
  2. reset their password
  3. log in to wise
  4. go to the recipients section
  5. and finally, delete the recipient.

or at the very least if they already had an account, users need to follow steps 3-5

Reason (what I believe the reason may be)

The app uses the Wise Platform API but is not making use of the DELETE method of the Recipient Account endpoint for whatever reason

Suggested Improvement

It would be nice if we could swipe a Payee to the left to reveal a Delete option which keeps in the theme of the app - mocked screenshot below

Tapping Delete would simply call to the Recipient Accounts - Delete endpoint.

Let me know what you think!