Wise (ex Transferwise) terrible customer service - alternatives?

I see Monzo still recommends Transferwise. I get paid by my US employer and have been using Wise to receive payments then forward them to Monzo but I had an issue recently and the customer service was so terrible that I am moving away from Wise once this situation has settled.

My UK colleagues also use Revolut, but I am a little weary of them because of their pseudo crypto wallets.

Is there any plan to allow international payments?

And other recommendations for receiving funds in USD?

Starling only offer USD business accounts I believe which might be suitable if you’re a contractor.

Otherwise high street banks, but that comes with fees.

Why do crypto wallets make you vary of Revolut? You don’t have to use crypto. Although I’d be vary of Revolut for other issues such as customer service, lack of FSCS etc


Open a Starling/other bank account.

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Wise are probably the cheapest, but there are others listed here;

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It was just the way they handle it, it all seemed a bit sketchy, but yeah the other issues then compound that.

My colleagues just use it to get USD and ship it straight to GBP though, and it’s cheaper than Wise - one small monthly fee to remove all transfer fees, usually ends up being a fraction of what I pay with Wise.

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Is it possible you just had a series of unfortunate events with customer service? I transact thousands through them each month and customer service has always been top quality (although rarely needed).

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I never normally need to use customer service, that’s how it should be right? But the one time I do, and fairly urgently, they’re too busy. Just kills trust.

Revolut have recently started offering US account details that should be all encompassing.

Give it a try?

I don’t use crypto on Revolut and have a domestic salary paid in - the feature bears little to no relevance.

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