Wired: Open Banking [article]

(Hugh) #1

Good article, interesting error:


That typo has since been corrected, but it still states that 44% of marriages have ended in divorce since 2013 :scream: shocker!

(Benjamin Doherty) #3

Its funny I only came on the forum this evening to post a link to this article. Clearly you beat me too it. Pretty good article though aint it. Perfect long read for my commute home. Does anyone monzo specific info in regard to what Monzo are planning to do with all with data when it becomes available

(Hugh) #4

Essentially use it to create “virtual pots” ie, money you have but not in Monzo and provide you with better ways you could maybe structure your finances.

(Benjamin Doherty) #5

Ye that will be quality. Id quite like to see the balance of all my other accounts through the monzo app

(Frank) #6

“The app, which is called HSBC Beta … looks like an ugly Monzo”


It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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