Windows PC or Mac? Or other?

(Matt Hill) #21

It comes down to personal preference. I’ve always built my own PC’s since I was a teenager.

That said my Laptop is a Macbook Air, so I use Windows and OSX daily. Hardware wise I think the trackpad with gestures on my Macbook Air is amazing, its certainly the nicest laptop i’ve ever owned.

However for day to day use I prefer Windows, I just find the way Windows does things works better for me. Plus working in IT and having a general interest in computers theirs a lot of obscure tools I randomly use that are Windows only.

I’m not really locked in to one ecosystem which allows me to use Windows & OSX without much hassle. My phone is an Android device running LinageOS, I use Dropbox for cloud storage, Chrome is my browser of choice and WhatsApp / Facebook is how I message people. I don’t use anything that’s locked in to a particular ecosystem such as iMessage, iCloud or Facetime.

As you have an iPhone you might well enjoy a Mac more for the better iPhone integration.

If it was me I would go for a PC, you can upgrade the graphics card, processor, ram and hard drive very easily in the future. With a Mac your pretty much stuck with what you get and will likely pay a lot more for it. These days a lot of nice Ultrabook style Windows laptops exist, if I was looking for another laptop today, i’d choose something like that over an Apple laptop.

Your obviously comfortable with both though, so i’d go with whichever you enjoy using the most.

(Ben ) #22

I would genuinely recommend the Lenovo Ideapad. I know Lenovo have gotten their fair share of bad rep but if you’re looking for something portable that has good memory, an alright processor and is lightweight. It’s perfect. I use it for streaming HD videos, video editing, graphic design, and some light gaming and it never really runs out of steam. I would maybe say the one let down is the Intel integrated graphics card, but it’s not bad.

(Richard) #23

Currently have a Lenovo for a work laptop… which is due to be upgraded in a week… so i’m switching to a 15" MBP.

Whilst the Lenovo has been ok… it’s starting to get hardware issues (ribbon between the screen and case doesn’t like being moved once open or the screen goes off)


I use a MacBook Pro (mid-2014) with Parallels Desktop. Most of the software I use for work are made for Windows but I like the reliability of Mac.
Windows PC have improved quite a lot in recent years but my more than 4 years old Mac is still running like new and there have been no issues at all. PCs usually start to slow down after a couple of years and the file system creates too much junk. For an advanced user that might not be a problem because they will know how to sort that but for a normal user this could mean getting a new PC.

(Ben ) #25

That’s interesting to note! I had a Lenovo before this one (only bought my current one a few weeks ago - so no hardware problems yet), that did have a few issues, it was one of the so-called ‘hybrids’ that are tablets. After about 6 months, the connectors between the keyboard and ‘tablet’ essentially were rendered useless, had to just use it as a tablet.

However, this time, I bought a standard laptop rather than a hybrid and my first impressions are that it’s great, made of solid material rather than cheap plastic like my previous one.

(Richard) #26

some might say coincidence :wink:

However, most of the guys in my team are changing to Mac’s, so that says something…

(Neil) #27

Definatley Mac. I’ve had iMac’s and currently using a MacBook Pro. Will never go back to Windows now. Never had any problems with any of my machines unlike windows.

(Tom Reynolds) #28

Thanks @Ben01 @Eden will bear all comments in mind, lots to think about :+1:


I use Apple mobile devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, and I love them. The iPad is what I use as my carry around laptop, and I love it.

I use Windows on my desktops, as I’m not a big fan of MacOS. For me, the specs are too low for the price, and I love Windows 10 as an OS. I do however love the form factor of the Macs, and would consider getting one if I won the lottery, and install Kali on it.

Use what you prefer - I’m guessing you have the budget, so settle with which one you prefer to use.

Looking at social media sites, people seem to get annoyed when Windows and MAC is mentioned together. I don’t know why there’s this whole Mac and PC debate - people should be able to use what they like without being flamed. :slight_smile:

(Ben ) #30

I started the thread to see what the general consensus was for everyone, not to flame anyone or cause any unnecessary controversy…hopefully it didnt come across like that :flushed:


Nope, didn’t mean that! Sorry if it came across that way.

I was just referring to what I see on YouTube, Reddit etc. Whenever windows and Mac is mentioned in the same place everything seems to spark off.

My apologies if it came off like that!

(Ben ) #32

Ah - understood! I completely agree with you though, especially when you tell people you use Windows, for example, and they immediately brush you off for not using Apple! (Or vice versa)

Im a fan of both and would never criticise others for not using one or the other!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #33

I use Windows 80% of the time, not because I love it… It’s more out of necessity! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At work I have to use both Windows & Linux (currently rocking Ubuntu Budgie but liking the look of Kubuntu), Windows, Linux is used when I’m coding (though Atom linked to a git repo on Windows works pretty well for quick bits and bobs when I can’t be bothered to reach for the Linux machine :smiley:)

Home is similar but more weighted towards Windows, not many game I play run on Linux. I do dislike Windows 10 with a passion… I just can’t decide which Windows release to go back to :sweat_smile: No matter what I do I’ll miss something about Windows 10 :roll_eyes: There’s lots of good aspects to it but overall I think Microsoft are doing a poor job with 10.

I’m not sure how everybody else feels (and I know they can be turned off) but having ads in an OS that I’ve paid for is ludicrous :expressionless: No Microsoft, I don’t fancy installing Candy Crush… Nevermind, it’s installed by default, thanks :roll_eyes:

:sweat_smile: Rant over! Windows is pretty much here to stay but I do love the simplicity of Linux, I hope Windows 7.1 or 8.2 comes out one day and doesn’t bring any bloat / nonsense with it :slight_smile:


I was surprised by how many ads there were on the start menu on Windows when I upgraded to 10. I think I got rid of most, I believe there’s a setting? Can’t quite remember though.

Borrowed a friends PC and my god they had packed it full of bloatware. Believe it was a HP, are they notorious for having bloatware?

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(Peter Roberts) #36

These days I’ve basically got Manjaro Linux on everything but my gaming desktop which is Windows 10

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #37

Mine is the first generation MacBook Pro retina 15 inch. Still works like a legend. 6.5 years old. Swapped the battery , changed the speaker and proper deep cleaning. Working flawlessly. One of the top reason why I love Mac. It lasts longer then a windows laptop of similar price .

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(Phil) #38

My current job is the first place I’ve worked that uses exclusively Macs, and as I’ve used Macs for around 10 years I’m in a good place right now. In saying that, I’ve grown to appreciate Windows a lot more in recent years, working on and studying Windows Server capabilities etc. They each have their uses, but personally, I find the Mac to be much more beautiful and user-friendly. Being built on Unix with build in shell is important for me too (PuTTY is an awful application).

I like to think I’m more OS-Agnostic than I once was, but have my preference about what I want to use day-to-day.