Windows 95 - The App!

You can now download Windows 95 as an app, and let me tell you, the nostalgia is real.

The first Windows machine I ever owned ran Win 95. That’s the OS that I tinkered with the most.


Does it come with the Weezer video?


Just like Buddy Holly

So pointless but so cool :sunglasses:

Damn millennial snowflakes with your modern multitasking image

I have a book like that! Also got a big pack of floppy disks for installation of 95!


If you were reinstalling it you’d always get to about disk 17 and realise that one was missing :cold_sweat:


I think the earliest windows I used was 98… :eyes: :joy:

Wow! Downloading this for nostalgia later.

I remember using Win95 as a kid with EYT :floppy_disk: I got on subscription from the Daily Telegraph.

Don’t even get me started on Solitaire :joy:

How spoiled we are today with apps and touchscreens being the norm!

Gosh I remember that. My first machine was a Packard Bell running Windows 95 with all the books and certificates and backup disks. Good times.