Will the app learn catergories over time?


I work in Selfridges so I often buy lunch or dinner in store.

The app automatically catergorises these transactions as ‘Shopping’

I have manually changed these to ‘Eating Out’ but will the app learn this as a trend?


Once you change it, subsequent purchases should keep to the category you selected. Is this not happening in your case?


As @HoddzDJ this should stay changed once you have changed it once - if this is not happening it implies a bug for you some how?


It hadn’t done previously, I’ve only just overrided them all now.
Good to know it should stay that way though. I’ll keep an eye on on future purchases.

(Frank) #5

On the theme of the original question, to if categories would be learned. I think a fluid learning would be a great feature in the future, for merchants where more than one category could be true.

A specific example for me is is when buying petrol I like to recategorise these transactions to “Transport” from “Groceries” when buying from a supermarket petrol station. The issue then is, as @HoddzDJ mentioned all subsequent purchases from that supermarket are then “Transportation”.

(Brandon Billingham) #6

This is why I want Rich notification support on iOS to quickly categorise transactions