Will an authorisation hold affect my balance?

Dumb question time, I’m about to order a set of trial glasses to see which style I prefer, and they are going to put a hold charge of £800 on my card (value of the 4 sets of glasses) on my card - with Monzo will this preempt and ‘remove’ the 800 from my account?

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I think you’d be better off using a credit card if you can. My understanding is that it will come off your balance until the “hold” is released, and anecdotally in my own experience even after that it sometimes takes a while for Monzo to put it back into your account. I think it’s something like 8-30 days that’s listed on their help pages?


Yeah I was thinking about using a credit card, easy answer! Thank you

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Funds never left your account. They ring fence the funds until either the pre-auth is cancelled by the merchant or expires with time.


A hold will reduce the balance on any bank… the money is after all ringfenced to stop you spending it…

I’m pretty sure I read that pending transactions don’t count towards overdraft (so you could go negative on your monzo account without fees as long as you were 100% certain the authorisation was not going to go through) but I might have hallucinated that as I can’t find it now.

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Only one way to find out! :sweat_smile: