Will a weekly budgeting summary tool ever be launched?

This would stop me feeding £100 a week for disposible income into my Starling bank.

I find with a monthly budget I spend to quickly and it does not work for me.

They are not currently working on this

You could set a £400 or £500 monthly budget, keep it in a pot and only move £100 per week to your main account

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This would get confusing as I have alot of in and outgoing direct debits etc, and leave me at risk of going overdrawn good idea though

You get a feed notification of a direct debit the day before so that should help you keep on top of it. If you go into your overdraft you have til 1am to transfer money to your main account to avoid charges

If you have a pot to keep your direct debit money in, you can schedule a withdrawal into your main account on the day it’s due to be taken. Not totally foolproof as weekends can mess up when they actually take the payment


Sounds ace, a little messy though, thanks :blush:

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Not sure how it would work exactly but I like the idea of weekly budget.
The bills that people can change i.e. petrol, food, eating out are generally weekly things

Bills people can’t change as easily like rent are monthly

So being able to set weekly goals would be nice

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Weekly budgets are better for those of us that get paid weekly.


Weekly budgeting would be amazing! Or at least the ability to turn the damn budgeting tool off so it stops telling me I’m running out of money.


The main voting thread for a weekly budgeting feature can be found here: