Weekly Spending Budgets

Im currently putting a large amount of my income into pots to save for university next year, which leaves me with an amount I need to budget carefully monthly.
It would be a lot easier to keep to my budgeting goals if I can set weekly targets and keep my own bad habits at bay with my fins avail information relevant to that particular week as opposed to seeing monthly totals and going by guess work.

I suppose with the current UI setup that would also mean viewing weekly figures on the Summary which would also be beneficial, so long as it’s viewed in a way that’s easy to view and not too busy.

This is doable - you can set custom summary periods.

Click on the little calendar icon on the summary page and then “change”.


You are correct kind sir, thank you for the help!


Glad to be of service


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Strongly recommend the envelope method of budgeting for you. Use Monzo for your main bank account, and something like Monese (which you can open without a credit check) by transferring a weekly spending amount into it. I suggest Monese because it’s an awesome product and it has weekly budgeting built right in.

Alternatively, use Starling, and combine Monzo and Starling into an app like Emma or Yolt, which will gives you a full financial breakdown across both accounts.

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